Patriot Press

February 10-14


Please be sure to turn in your intention letter for next year!

Don't forget to nominate someone for teacher of the year.


4th and 5th graders are taking benchmarks at the end of February.

2/25 and 2/26 5th grade block 8:15-9:00

2/27 4th grade block 8:15-9:00

Important Dates

Feb. 3-14 Pennies for Patients drive

Pledge Helpers-Falknor

Feb. 10-

Buckels off campus

Day 5

Feb. 11-

PL- 3rd grade

3rd grade Writing CBA

Talley off campus

Day 6

Feb. 12

PL- 3rd Grade

Curriculum Study- 5th grade Math

TELPAS-- 2nd-5th Returning Raters- Assembling and Verifying Certificate due to Talley's box before you leave

Talley out AM

Watch DOG-Elijah Pandolph-Nguyen/Jenkins-PE/PE

Day 1

Feb. 13

TELPAS optional calibration practice during block in Christin's room

Buckels out AM

Talley out PM

3rd grade field trip

Jennifer Serrano, support administrator on campus

Day 2

Feb. 14

Valentine's Day parties

*Kinder- 2 p.m.

*1st- 1 p.m.

*2nd 12:15

*3rd 1:30 p.m.

*4th 2 p.m.

*5th 2 p.m.

Pennies for Patients ends


Watch DOG-Joseph Ramirez-Gonzales-Music

Day 3

Testing updates

As testing season gets closer please begin thinking (K-2) how you will cheer on your buddy class (3-5). Buddy class pairings are attached below.
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12 Week Student Challenge-Week 6

6- Love THAT STUDENT– It is Valentine’s Day. Give them a special Valentines…not one that everyone gets! Watch them open it and see what their face tells you. Remember, they are a child, they have stresses and worries like you. They might not have this positive connection with anyone. They need you! Fill their heart with joy…I bet you will start to feel the joy as well

Teacher of the Year Nominations

Please nominate someone! We have great teachers here! I will have teacher of the year nomination forms in a folder outside of my door. If you would like to nominate any one, please fill out the form and return to my box.

Pennies for Patients Coin Collections

Our collection days will be

Feb. 12th

Feb. 14th

Please share in your newsletter to parents

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Shout out to..

Carmen Bass-You are always a great example of empathy. Thank you for just getting it! You always encourage and just do what you can to help out. Thank you for helping to do an additional activity during morning PL-Stephanie Hirsch

Christin Anderson-Thank you for helping me brainstorm and execute enrichment opportunities for my students-Samantha Morris

Elizabeth Bartley-You always are a voice of reason. you know how to prioritize and get things done. Thank you for being so efficient! Thank you for tackling anything with a smile and always being willing to try something new!-Stephanie Hirsch

Jess Stevenson-Thank you for being patient with me and answering all my questions about OneNote while helping me to launch digital escape rooms!-Samantha Morris

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Caring

Purposefull People words-Empathy

Dynamite Caring Song