Sulfur Man

By: Cassie Hinton

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About This Nonmetal

Number of Protons: 16

Number of Neutrons: 16

Number of electrons: 16

Number of electron shells: 3

Number of valence electrons: 6

Characteristics of Sulfur

1. Sulfur is a bright yellow color

2. Sulfur is a solid at room temperature

3. Sulfur melts to a blood-red liquid with a blue flame when burned

4. Sulfur is a nonmetal

Important Uses of Sulfur

1. Sulfur is used to make black gunpowder

2. sulfur is used as a food preserver

3. Sulfur is used in the production of fungicide

History of Sulfur

A natural form of sulfur has been known since the 6th century B.C. in China. It was used a lot in medicine. Molted sulfur was used in the 18th century to create decoration on furniture.

Description of Sulfur Man's Abilities

1. Sulfur Man's hands can turn into guns, and can shoot villains

2. Sulfur Man doesn't have to take the time to eat, so he can continue defeating villains

3. When Sulfur Man is burned, his blue flame scares away villains

4. Sulfur Man can heal people hurt by villains

5. Sulfurs Man bright yellow color lights up the darkness, so he can see

6. Sulfur Man can shape-shift in different temperatures

7. Sulfur Man can make some villains go away by his scent

8. When Sulfur Man melts, he becomes a liquid that can sneak through cracks, and get wherever he wants