Enhancing Classroom Instruction

Through Technology



Brandon Lutz, Technology Applications Specialist

Participants Introductions:
Each person introduces themselves through Padlet


The SAMR Model

Lets think about Pedagogy...

SAMR Model Presentation: Click the button above and explore the SAMR model and how is can enhance your use of technology in your classroom!

Classroom Management Tools

Using Video in the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom

What is flipping the classroom

Reasons for Flipping the Classroom

How often should you flip the classroom

Key Thoughts Flipping the Classroom

Tools for Flipping the Classroom

  • School Webspace

Hands on Time

Share what you created

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Assessment Tools Presentation

Session Code: VHNLG

Digital Storytelling

Exploration and closing

Share what you created!

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Think of a Lesson

Based on everything you have learned today, click the button and share how you might enhance a lesson or your teaching.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Consortium Deals and Gadgets


Pricing: $50 per teacher/per year (annual subscription) or $100 for a 3-year subscription. Go to http://nearpod.com/bciu with the promo code: PA-2014-001 for the discounted price.

If you need any training, please contact Brandon to setup a professional development session.


Play on iPad with Real People and Real Objects. Osmo promotes social intelligence and creative thinking in kids.

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10 Tips for Teaching with Technology