Personal Wellness Dance Studio

How it Connects to Wellness Pyramid

Physical - Physical Activity

Owning a dance studio will connect to the physical aspect of the wellness pyramid because it is obviously physically demanding. Dancing is constant being up on your feet and moving which is physical activity. If I taught dance classes I would stay physically fit and so would my students.

Mental - Emotions

Owning a dance studio could be mentally exhausting. Having to keep track of all the finances of the business, keeping track of your students performance and dealing with crazy dance parents. To own your won business you need to be mentally prepared to deal with all of these things, but in the end it will all pay off to see your successful business.

Social - Community

Obviously to own your own dance studio you have to be sociable. You have to be a teacher to many different ages of students and you have to be likeable. If parents and students don't like you, you will not run a successful business, so being very sociable is key. Also you will want to get to know every one of your students well so you can know their strengths and weaknesses. Becoming well liked in your community will help as well to get your dance studio's name out there.