Anniversary Party


The Time has come for Their 1 month anniversary ! The two have invited you all to celebrate with them at their BIG Anniversary Party . To RSVP please feel free to contact the host , Amaree Jones at (202) 677-9287 . Thank You and hope to see you there !

Jontrez & Kendrianna 1 Month Anniversary

Tuesday, Sep. 30th, 7:30-11:45pm

Augusta, GA, United States

Augusta, GA

The party will be hosted by Amaree Jones , for Jontrez Glanton and Kendrianna Eubanks 1 Month Anniversary . The party will be at 2507 Hilton CT Augusta, GA 30909 . For further information please feel free to contact Amaree at : (202) 677-9287 or email :

Arranging For The Party

1.) Make sure that balloons and banners are all color coordinated
2.) Get them inside their dressing rooms by 6:00p.m.
3.) Get the cake in the building by 6:30p.m.
4.) Get the drinks ready for the guests that are invited to the party
5.) Get the gift table set up
6.) Get the table cloths put on every table
7.) Have the doors opened by 7:00p.m.
8.) Have the food caterers there and ready by 7:15p.m.
9.) Get them ready to walk into the building
10.) Quick Speech , Thank Yous , Dance , Cut the cake, Then Dinner.