April Trailblazer

Mill Creek Elementary


As you probably know we celebrated Easter earlier this month. Easter is a really fun holiday where the Easter bunny comes and gives you lots of fun chocolates and other candy like jellybeans in an Easter basket. A cool and different thing about Easter is that it is on a different date every year. This year Easter was on April 1st which was also April Fool's Day. Also every Easter is on a Sunday. Easter is scheduled for the first full moon after the first northern spring equinox. Although many people celebrate Easter with candy and the Easter bunny, this holiday dates back thousands of years to the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter bunny and Easter eggs are symbols of new life. I hope you enjoyed your Easter this year and hope you got some good candy!!

Hurricane Harvey Rescue Team

A few weeks back, a rescue team came to thank the 6th grade students of Mill Creek. The 6th grade classes gave cards to them and the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. The rescue team came back to say thank for the cards. They showed us some photos of what they saw. Trees were uprooted, a few houses destroyed, and power lines were down. But thankfully, with their help, it is getting better there now. Have you ever heard of the Ripple Effect? You know when you throw a rock into a puddle or lake? The rock gives out tiny ripples in the water. Kindness is kind of like that. When you show kindness to someone, the kindness goes out in all directions, not only to them. It's kind of like the ripples in the water. Don't forget, be kind to someone today, no matter how big or small the act is.

STEaM Conference

On April 3rd, a group of chosen 4th through 6th graders went to Athens State University. They were accompanied by the 4th- grade teacher, Mrs. Burkert and 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Smith. The 4th graders presented Circuits, Insulators, and Conductors. The 5th graders presented “ Exploring Chemical and Physical Changes.” For their example, they made Elephant’s Toothpaste. Elephant’s Toothpaste is an example of an Exothermic Reaction ( A chemical reaction that releases heat or light.) Since they both did so good they were presented with lab coats from one of the sponsors called Y.E.A. After that, they went on to 5th through 6th graders in a challenge to build a Hurricane House that could hold a tennis ball while a fan was blowing on it. It was not graded on how long it stood without falling but by how tall it stood. The 6th-grade Team B received 3rd Place. A big thanks to all the sponsors of the STEaM Conference and our amazing teachers. We could not have done any of this without them.

MCES Archery at State

On April 6th, 2018, MCES archery competed at the 2018 State competition. They scored a 2955! They ranked 8th out of 18 elementary teams in the whole state of Alabama!

The top 3 girl shooters on Mill Creek's team were:

1st: April Spickard; 265; 11 tens

2nd: Marianna Kosinski; 262; 9 tens

3rd: Reese Freeman; 258; 11 tens

The top 3 boy shooters on Mill Creek's team were:

1st: Max Bell; 264; 10 tens

2nd: Alex Salgueiro; 240; 5 tens

3rd: Andrew Gohlich; 238; 5 tens

The top girl elementary shooters out of everybody (161) were:

1st: Allie Stewart; East Elementary; 279; 15 tens

2nd: Ava Ray; East Elementary; 277; 11 tens

3rd: Madelyn Audia; St. Lukes Episcopal School; 276; 13 tens

The top boy elementary shooters out of everybody (243) were:

1st: Hayden Scott; East Elementary; 288; 21 tens

2nd: Jonathon Hall; Breitling Elementary; 288; 20 tens

3rd: Maurio Shish; Dixon Elementary; 286; 20 tens

Congratulations to everybody that competed in this competition!

April Fool's Day

Here are some pranks or jokes you can pull next year!

  • Turn all the pictures in your house upside down.
  • Make a alarm for the middle of the night and hide it in your victums room.
  • Take all the cereal in the house, remove the plastic bags from the boxes, and switch them around.
  • Get some clear plastic wrap and completely cover a door way.
  • Put a few drops of food coloring into millk.
  • Take out the batteries in the living room remote and hide your extra batteries

LMS Advanced Theatre Auditions

On April 2-4, students from schools who would be going to Liberty Middle School next year auditioned to be in the Advanced Theatre elective class! Congratulations to the first-ever LMS Advanced Theatre Students from Mill Creek:

6th Grade (Rising 7th Grade)

  • Leah C.

  • Grace H.

  • Hannah C.

5th Grade (Rising 6th Grade)

  • Yohannes M.

State Science Fair

This year’s state science fair (ASEF) was on April 6, 2018.

This year’s winners were:

  • Grace Hur- 1st place,Category: Behavioral

  • Neharika Koppineedi- 3rd place, Category: Behavioral

  • Angela Ai- 2nd place, Category: Botany and Zoology

  • Keerthan Singireddy- Honorable Mention, Category: Environmental

Book Review: Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a series of 5 books, and it has a continuing series, Heroes Of Olympus. The books are about an 11-year-old boy, named Percy (Perseus) Jackson. After being attacked by his demon grandma math teacher, he is sent to a quite unusual "summer camp" and told that his father is a Greek god. After that- oh, sorry! Don't want to spoil it! Percy Jackson is a great series involving a sarcastic teen, an awkward third wheel, and a know-it-all trying to save the world. Have a good month, and don't forget to read!
Big picture

National School Library Month

National School Library Month is April, which is this month. We celebrate it by having challenges and/or quizzes at our school. AASL stands for American Associates of School Librarians and was founded in 1951. AASL celebrated their first National Library Month in the spring of 1985. In 2010, the AASL Board of Directors voted to re-adopt National Library Month and turn it into National School Library Month. At Mill Creek, we have had fun competitions to celebrate National School Library Month. The first week, students read about a chicken and had the chance to win a Chic-Fil-A gift card. The second week, students could guess how many books were in the library and win a Barnes and Noble gift card. Dairy Queen gift cards were given to the winner of the third week's contest where students had to answer a library question. For the last week of April, everyone was invited to decorate book marks to be shared with students in Indonesia!

LMS Digital Communications Auditions

On April 3-4 students from different schools who will be going to Liberty next year tried out for Liberty's Dig-com. Congratulations guys!!!The 5th and 6th graders who made it from Mill Creek were:
  1. Hannah Congo
  2. Leah Castillo
  3. Jake Colee
  4. Hyemin Won
  5. Yohannes Miller

Autism Month is Here!

Autism Month is Here!

April is Autism Month, which means we celebrated kids with autism! Autism is a disease where kids have trouble with social skills and communication. One in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls have autism. We can raise money for autism by participating in the events on the bulletin board where the house points used to be. Let’s celebrate the kids in our community who live with autism on a daily basis. They are our friends, classmates, and house members.

Mill Creek’s Play: A Mixed-Up Fairytale

Our school will be delighted by a play from the MCES Drama Club. It’s called A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale. Enjoy your friends as they play classic roles like you’ve never seen before!!

Cast Members include Grace Hur as Cinderella, Yohannes Miller as Wilhelm Grimm,Kaela Cronan as Fairy Godmother and many more!! Come see your friends on May 11 and enjoy!!