Feast or Famine

Artists can make money too.

What do you do in between gigs?

Feast or Famine



characterized by alternating, extremely high and low degrees of prosperity, success, volume of business, etc.:

artists who lead a feast-or-famine life.feast or famine. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved February 04, 2016 from Dictionary.com websitehttp://dictionary.reference.com/browse/feast or famine

You can't just have one survival job nowadays. As I'm writing this letter I'm currently work 2 survival jobs. Which in the next few months will be none, eventually it I will be a working artist. Can you believe when I was working 3 jobs I was doing alright? Besides being tired all the time and trying to fit in a personal and professional life, I was failing miserably. Think about one person you know in your respective field, now think about how many other people that one person you know knows. This could go one forever, the 6 degrees of separation rule always applies. We are always surrounded by someone who knows so and so, who went to school with so and so or who has performed with someone you know or have met in passing.

As artists, we touch the lives of so many that we need to leverage that power and continue to enhance people's lives even when we are not on stage. So instead of serving brunch from 10-6 Saturdays and Sunday, now I'm going to serve my fellow artists and creatives a better way to make a living. Four Little Words


Now I know you may think What? Yes! It's that simple. I work for an amazing company that will now afford me the opportunity to fund my own projects. Although, I love GoFundMe. I just can't donate to all the projects I want to, I want to support artists as much as I can. I figured out a way to be able to pay actors for their time. I respect the fact that we all have bills to pay and want YOU as a performer and creative to be able to do so.

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