Hamptons Summer House

Come Stay With Us In The Hamptons

Hey Everyone,

Tyler, Jon and Harlan here. We are Hamptons bound this summer and want you to join us.

We are teaching out there through "Chessat3.com" so we rented a house in East Hampton for July and August. We're emailing you because we can't stand to be away from you for the whole summer. We love you and we want to see you during the hot summer months.

Come Stay with us!!

  • We have a BIG 4 bedroom house
  • Full kitchen to cook in and full living room to lounge in
  • 5 minutes from beach
  • We have beach passes!
  • Huge backyard
  • Bicycle and frisbee or a great place to read books
  • Grill for summer time BBQ
  • We are hosting Hampton's Olympic Medieval Fest (Tyler, Jon and Harlan battle it out- Come watch!)
  • Goofs and spoofs and fun and games for the whole family

Here's how it works:

From June 26th-August 31st, we have-

1 Bedroom available during the week and weekends

2 Bedrooms available during the weekends

2 Couches available during the weekends

In a perfect world, we would have everyone up every weekend for free, but alas, we have limits of space and $$$. We walk the line between setting a price that is affordable for friends, and helps us out with the ***cough*** rather large 2-month rent bill.

Price breakdown:

Week Bedroom - $375 for the week (Sunday-Sunday)

Weekend Bedrooms - $250 (Friday and Saturday Night)

Couch - $150 (Friday and Saturday Night)

Let us know if you want to come up, let's nail down the details and put you on the schedule. We're very flexible and accommodating so please let us know if you have any questions.

See You Soon!

Shoot us an email to make reservations