Poor Driving Etiquete

"You have blinkers for a reason."

Flashing lights can be a good thing.

Imagine yourself driving in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic at about 45 mph and suddenly the car in front of you abruptly turns right without warning. They didn't use there blinker to warn you that they are going to turn. You are now forced to slam on your brakes to avoid rear ending the car in front of you. You manage to stop in time but the car behind you wasn't able to. You have been rear ended. Although it is not your fault you now have to deal with insurance and hoping the person that hit you has good insurance also. All because the person in front of you didn't use there blinker.

No Blinker may mean you meet the Grim Reaper

It is scary to think that if you don't use your blinker it can cost either your life or the life of someone else in a deadly car accident.
There is a solution use your blinker. It is ok to let people know which way you are turning.