Raven McKevlin

It's Nice to Meet You!

I'm Raven McKevlin. I was born here in Charleston, SC. I have a mom, dad, and brother. My dad owns McKevlin's Surf Shop on Folly Beach, and my mom is a 3rd grade teacher at Oakland Elementary School. My brother is a freshman at College of Charleston. I also have two dogs named Emma and Sadie.

About Me

I love filmmaking, writing, and anything involving music. I am also a service leader at a worshiping community at College of Charleston called The Journey. I enjoy helping different organizations in the community, such as Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics. I work with people with special needs fairly regularly; one of my best friends in the whole world has Down syndrome and just got a certificate from the REACH program this past spring. I am fascinated by people and their stories.
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Why Education?

I have always admired my mom and the way that she has been able to impact the lives of her students. Although I want to help children grow academically, my main goal is to create an environment where students grow as individuals and know that they are loved. I am extremely passionate about helping others to see their worth and their unique talents. I believe that my creativity and open-minded approach can help students to learn in new ways and to see things from diverse perspectives. It makes me so excited to see students having fun and learning at the same time.

Memories of School

My favorite memories during elementary school are from when I was in the SAIL program for gifted and talented students. I found out that I was able to use my creativity to learn, and I had a space where I genuinely felt like I was able to grow. We went on so many field trips that allowed for kinesthetic learning, and it was a blast.

In middle school, my favorite memories were from my reading class. In this class, we actually tried to "become" the characters we were learning about, and I began to understand some diverse viewpoints better than I ever had before. My teacher actually created a 12 hour "sleepover" at school one night where we pretended to be people during the Holocaust. Although we could never at all grasp what people went through during that time, it pushed us to think outside of ourselves and our comfort zones.

In high school, my best memories are from chorus and glee club practices. I love to sing and dance, and I made some wonderful friends through my interest in music. I got the opportunity to create some music videos with my classmates, and I just loved every second of it.