The land of the mountains

The histori of switzerland

The first historical news about the current land Switzerland appear to Julius Caesar in his "The Gallic Wars". After the great invasions that drafted the country's linguistic barriers, formed alliances between small states during the Middle Ages, between 1291 and 1332, in order to form the Confederation of Cantons III, which was the first step in training the Swiss Confederation. After successive defense alliances until 1481 constituted the Confederation of Cantons VIII. In the following centuries, gradually built the Confederation of Cantons XIII until it became independent in 1648. Swiss Federal status obtained in 1803 to be divided and reorganized as Helvetic Republic during the occupation of France by Napoleon Bonaparte Revolutionary. Switzerland was established in twenty counties until his release in 1815, and later during a civil and religious war, federal state emerges in 1848. Due to its policy of neutrality Switzerland crossed the twentieth century without participating in any war.

Since 1848, the Swiss Confederation has been a federal state consisting of relatively independent cantons, some of which have remained Confederates for over seven centuries, so that Switzerland can be considered as one of the world's oldest republics.


Zurich the land of the party

Zurich has often been labeled 'boring banking capital', but this is a mistake. Although the city has the fourth largest exchange in the world and is still the financial center of Switzerland, has been slowly getting rid of that old gray air was blamed.

Since the late '90s, hundreds of new stores have opened in the city, for example, clubs and restaurants.

And since the Zurich Street Parade has taken over from London's Notting Hill Carnival, now the city is also host to the largest annual street party in Europe.

Indeed, despite all these updates cosmopolitan Zurich is so clean that even call it the European Singapore.

But not Singapore, is much more lively than that.

Zurich has assimilated all bright and fun elements of other big cities, yet retaining the freshness and quiet lifestyle led by the mountain air.

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Geneva is a unique city. Although it is known as one of the European capitals where it is more expensive to stay, this does not deter tourists. A short walk through the city and hear languages ​​from various countries: all nationalities converge in this polished and beautiful metropolis.

Speaking of convergence of nationalities, it is well known that Geneva is home to many international organizations respected. Some of those who have settled here is the United Nations, the International Red Cross, the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization.

Consequently, the hotels in the city have always VIPs among guests who occupy their rooms.

Despite all this of importance, in Geneva there are more things than fame and glamor. For how are the poor neighborhoods in Europe, visit Pâquis district. In this area of local bars and clubs, check that Geneva also has its provincial life.

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How much does a trip to Switzerland?

Worth U$S 1200