By Logan Sawyer

What is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion that is founded on the belief that there is God and only one god made up of three people: The God of Father, The God of Son , and the God of the Holy Spirit. The followers, called Christians, believe that their Holy Trinity is made up of the Father or Creator, Jesus, and the Sanctifir. Even though the others are important, the role of Jesus Christ was to save us from our sins. To pray for him, Christians go to church on Sunday.

What is Christian worship like?

On Sunday, Christianity's Sabbath day, most Christians go to a place called Church, where a paster or a priest leads prayers from the Holy Book: The Bible. But Sunday is not the only holy day for Christians, they have holidays too, such as Christmas. But is not like the normal Christmas, with the theme "Santa going to deliver presents to kids", their Christmas is when the Son of God or Jesus Christ was born. Their other main holiday is Easter. It is holy to them because it celebrates Jesus' ressurection. Their holiest city is not in the U.S, it is a city called Jerusalem, which is in Isreal. Another holy place inside of Jerusalem is called the Church of Holy Sepulcher. This is important because it is where Jesus was crucified and where Jesus' empty tomb is, which is where he was buried and ressurected.

About all 3 relgions.

All of the three religions (Christianity, Juduism, and Islam) have the belief in monotheism, which is the belief in one and only god. Their common figure is also the same, their common figure is the god of Abraham.