CRHS Student & Family Weekly Update

October 10-14, 2022

Colonel Richardson High School

Nikki VonDenBosch, Principal

Jared Sherman, Assistant Principal

Brad Oberdorf, Dean of Students

Cia North, School Counselor (grades 9 and 11)

Office Phone: 410-479-3678

Google Voice Phone: 301-327-0714 (can receive texts)

Jennifer Reed, School Counselor (grades 10 and 12)

Office Phone: 410-479-3678

Google Voice Phone: 302-272-5313 (can receive texts)

Cindy Saathoff BSN, RN, School Nurse

Office Phone 410-479-3612

Emily Phillips, Attendance Administrative Assistant


Stephanie Carmine, Enrollment/Guidance Administrative Assistant


Wendy DuVall, Finance and Administration Administrative Assistant


Week at a Glance

Monday 10/10

Girls Soccer at Queen Anne’s (2:00pm Dismissal)

Volleyball at Kent Island (1:15pm Dismissal)

Golf at Hyatt (8am Dismissal)- District 8 Championship

Tuesday 10/11

Art Club is meeting after school until 4pm

Boys Soccer vs. North Dorchester (4:00pm Start)- JV only

Boys Soccer vs. Crisfield (5:30pm Start)- Varsity Only

Wednesday 10/12

PSATs for 10th graders in the AM

Q1 Interims issued to students (these were also emailed on 10/6)

Wellness Wednesday-Start reading a new book today! Reading can be relatable, or it can be an escape. It can lower your heart rate, stress levels, generate better quality sleep, and acts like a gym for your brain!

Volleyball vs. Queen Anne’s (Freshmen starts at 3:30pm, then JV, then Varsity)

Girls Soccer at Kent Island (1:30pm Dismissal)

Football vs Arcadia (4:00pm)- JV only

Cheer at Kent Island Competition (3:15pm Departure)

Thursday 10/13

Boys Soccer vs. Kent County (5:30pm Start)- Varsity Only, Senior Night

Friday 10/14

1/2 Day of School for students

Football vs. Nandua (6:00pm Start)- Senior Night w/Cheer and Band

Girls Soccer at Crisfield (2:15pm Dismissal)- Varsity Only

Talent Show

Do you think you are the most talented student at CRHS? The Drama Club would like to announce the 2022 Talent Show with a $300 prize. This is open to all students, and we are accepting all kinds of acts: singers, dancers, comedians, jugglers, or anything else you could have in mind. If you are interested in participating, please stay after for an information meeting on Thursday from 3:00-4:00 in the auditorium. This will also be a normal Drama Club meeting. See Mr. Sousa with questions.

Fall Pictures 10/19/22

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Attendance Reminder

Per CCPS policy, all notes regarding absences, rather from a doctors' office or a parent, must be submitted within 10 school days of the absence or they cannot be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Open Gym

Caroline County Recreation and Parks

Open Gym Basketball
@ CRHS Gymnasium
5:30 – 7:00 pm GIRLS
7:00 – 8:30 pm BOYS

Mon 9/26
Mon 10/10
Wed 10/19
Mon 10/24
Wed 11/2 (date may change)
Wed 11/9 (date may change)

  • Current High School Students Only
  • Must have a completed waiver to participate.
  • Waivers available in the cafeteria or in the main office

Financial Aid Night-10/26/22 6:30 pm

Seniors and families, join us for this Money for College event, covering everything you need to know about the financial aid process!

Laura Shahan from Chesapeake College's Financial Aid office will cover federal student aid programs, MD state scholarship programs, private scholarship sources, cost of attendance and financial need, tips and tricks for FAFSA, and more.

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Graduation Spotlight Class of 2023

Week of October 10

Cap and Gown Orders:

Jostens will be at the school on Monday October 17 to meet with seniors about ordering graduation supplies. Supplies include the cap and gown package (must purchase), announcements/thank you notes (optional), clothing (optional), class ring and other jewelry (optional). Mrs. France will meet with any senior not in attendance to get them the information.

Jostens will return Monday, October 24 to take cap and gown orders during all lunch shifts. If you are not ready to order at that time, you can order online at a later date. My goal is to have all orders placed before December 31, as the price increases after the first of the year.

Senior Portrait Retakes:

Senior Portrait retakes will be offered on November 16 in the CRHS Auditorium. This is for seniors who were unable to have their photo taken during the summer. More information on this will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at
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September 2022 Students of the Month

Garry Dukes is the Student-of-Month for the Class of 2026! Over the course of September, Garry was nominated by three different teachers! According to Mrs. Ozman, “Garry goes above and beyond every day by coming to class prepared, working hard on his assignments, and looking for ways to improve his writing.” Mrs. Moore and Ms. Mitchell note that he “participates in lessons, completes all assignments, and then helps his peers!” Garry embodies the definition of going above and beyond. Even though Garry has only been at Colonel High for five weeks, he already knows his favorite class is PE. In Garry’s words: “To be Colonel TOUGH you gotta respect everyone on what they like but the most important part for me is to go above and beyond.” FUN FACT: After high school, Garry hopes to become famous on YouTube.

Olivia Ferris is the Student-of-Month for the Class of 2025! Mr. Ireland nominated Olivia for going above and beyond in AP Government. He says that she consistently has been putting extra effort into her Supreme Court briefs this year…and it shows in her grade. Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Williams have been Olivia’s favorite teachers so far because they “both have made coming to school feel a lot easier. I've learned so much from both of them. They connect to their students in such a positive way.” For Olivia, Understanding Diversity is the most important part of being Colonel TOUGH. She says, “It's so important to respect and accept others, no matter your differences.” When Olivia grows up she wants to work in Marine Biology. FUN FACT: Olivia has a pet gecko!

Jeremiah Cephas is the Student-of-Month for the Class of 2024! Jeremiah was nominated by Mr. Shelly, who teaches him for two classes this semester. According to Mr. Shelly, Jeremiah has heart by “collaborating well with others and volunteering to help the yearbook by being the photographer for events.” This extra effort is helping Jeremiah to stand out this year. So far, Jeremiah’s favorite teacher has been Mrs. Price for being “just overall amazing!” Having heart is the most important part of being Colonel TOUGH in Jeremiah’s opinion, and that will get him very far in his future plans. FUN FACT: Jeremiah wants to go to college to become a dentist.

Sharese Thompson is the Student-of-Month for the Class of 2023! In September, Sharese was nominated by Ms. Reed for obtaining goals and going above and beyond. Ms. Reed noted that Sharese has been very determined to make her senior year successful by “already finishing numerous college applications and asking for help when she needs it.” Sharese obviously has high expectations for herself. Over the course of high school, Sharese’s favorite class has been Physics because of the hands-on activities that helped her understand the curriculum. In the future, Sharese wants to become an athletic trainer and have her own company. When asked about being Colonel TOUGH, Sharese said, “it means that you're constantly helping your peers achieve goals, going further than what you have in mind, and having an open heart for new ideas and activities.” To her, Understanding Diversity is the most important because it allows you to understand people on a deeper level and celebrate the different cultures and ethnicities in our school and community. FUN FACT: Sharese is a three-sport athlete and has been to 15 of the 50 states.

Promoting a healthy and safe environment for ALL students and staff:

CCPS is committed to providing a safe, respectful, nurturing educational environment where the worth and dignity of individuals are valued and their safety and rights are protected. Behaviors that compromise this environment, interfere with school operations, or are otherwise contrary to the basic mission of our public schools will not be tolerated. Bullying, hazing, harassment, or other discrimination affecting a student or a staff member should be reported by a victim, parent/guardian, witness, staff member, or other person having knowledge. Staff members with knowledge of such conduct are required to promptly report it to the building principal.

Caroline County Public Schools prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, and in employment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or disability.