FIN Bulletin

November/December 2018 Newsletter


We did it again! Our school community pulled together and met our goal of $50,000!! Our Sharkathon week is our biggest school wide fundraiser. Our students and staff had a fun week showing their school spirit by dressing up each day. We had fun showing off crazy hair, sporting our favorite team, and representing our country during patriotic day. We had a competition to see which grade levels showed the most school spirit by dressing up each day and raised the most money. For the first time in Sharkathon history, we had the same grade level win both competitions- KINDERGARTEN TEAM!! Our Kindergarten Team were the SPIRIT CHAMPIONS and PLEDGE CHAMPIONS. Each grade level worked hard on collecting pledges and every cent counts! Here are the classes that raised the most pledges in each grade level:

Kindergarten- Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Loyd

1st grade- Mrs. Lanford

2nd grade- Mrs. Lowery

3rd grade- Mrs. Savage

4th grade- Mrs. Norman

5th grade- Mrs. Gardin

Our top 3 pledge winners will get to be Principals for the day- they will help Mrs. Romenick, Mr. Plummer and Mrs. Gritz run the school next week. The following students raised the most money for our school and will be a principal for a day:

Kindergartener- Madison Henriques

1st grader- Ella Grace Cloud

5th grader- Paige Thomas

Our top winning teachers will be performing in a Lip Sync battle with our administration and related arts teachers. This will be part of our assembly to celebrate our school accomplishment of meeting our SHARKATHON goal.

THANK YOU to our AMAZING PTO for organizing and running our Sharkathon Fun Run! Thank you to all of our volunteers that helped with the prize carts and helping to organize the run. We couldn't do this with each of you!


Thank YOU!

Earlier this year, we had a delicious yogurt bar for our staff. We wanted to THANK the parents who spoiled us and provided all the yummy goodies for the yogurt bar. THANK YOU!! We felt appreciated. Thank you to the following parents:

Kelly Mac

Penny Thayer

Cathy Ross

Kaity Desai

Joanna Bartell

Amber Martinez

Katie Ferretti

Nicole Taylor

Katie Poulsen

Tracy James

Ana Litchfield

Susan Heffron

Jeanette Hardy

Veronica Meyer

Danielle Merrick

Ansh Dwivedi

A BIG THANK YOU to our parents who provided our staff a delicious soup lunch! We loved every drop! Thank you for taking time to make a warm meal for our staff. We felt loved and appreciated! Thank you to the following parents:

Earth Fare in Fort Mill

Kelly Mac

Susan Smith

Kelly Borsum

Araceli Papke

Wenying Li

Amber Martinez

Penny Thayer

Erin Carlson

Amy Davis

Brooke Karsten

Claudia Casas

Kimberly Brenner

Meghan Linkous

Namia Anene

Simona Sherrell

Katie Poulsen

Bhavna Sawhney

Counselors Corner

I wanted to share some information about the importance of sleep and developing consistent routines to help your child get a good night's sleep. You may be wondering how much sleep should your child be getting each night? I am attaching a picture that shows a guide of how many hours of sleep children should be getting each night. Sleep affects many areas for our children including attention, mood, and development. Students are busy all day learning and constantly taking in information. Many of our students are also participating in extracurricular activities after their busy day at school. Sleep is crucial for our children. Their brains need plenty of time to rest and recuperate. The articles I have included will provide you with reasons why sleep is so important and tips on how to improve your child's sleep. Electronic devices and TV's hinder a child's ability to sleep and rest easily. This information is also included in the articles.
Big picture
Big picture

Upcoming School Events

-December 13th- 2nd grade Chimes and 5th grade Shark Beats will be performing at 6:30pm and need to arrive at 6:00pm. Students please report to the gym.

-December 13th- 1st grade performance- please arrive at 6:15pm. Students please report to the gym.

-December 20th- Pajama Day- donate $1.00 to wear pajamas- all donations will go to the all inclusive play ground in Fort Mill.

-December 21st- 1/2 Day for students- Dismissal will begin at 11:00am.

-December 22nd-January 6th- Holiday Break

-January 7th- Students Return to School