Avoid Drugs or Become a Thug


Drugs can have numerous affects on you and the comminity. The use of drugs just doesnt affect you but the community aswell. Use of drugs in the comminity can increase crime rates, accidents and vandilism. It can also influence young children in the community and expose them to harmful drugs at a very early age. Drugs can also affect an individual in many ways such as cause hedaches, nausea and panic atacks. Hallucinations can be harmful not just to you but others around you. Drugs just dont affect you but it affects others and the community as a whole.


Drugs don't just affect you but it affeccts other around you. It harms your body in numerous ways such as the central nervous system and how your body functions. It makes you unable to socalise and make strong relationships. It can also affect how you treat others and the relationships you already have with others eg. Mother, siblings or friends.