Babysitter Needed

By: Justice Hamilton

Advice To Teens about baby-sitting:

Teenagers listen up!!

When watching a child you need to have patients, kindness and make sure your paying attention to them and not your PHONE! Children need to know they are important and loved. They look up to you, so make sure you are being a good role model.

The DO's and DONT'S:


- Have fun

- Make them listen to you

- Be kind

- Be patient

- Play with them

- Be flexibly


- Hit them

- Be mean (Rude)

- Don't just sit there and not play with them

- Don't watch anything inappropriate

- Don't cuss in front of them

Important things to know when babysitting:

-You need to know all the emergency numbers

- Make sure the child/children aren't allergic to anything

- Do things the child/children want to do

- Help the child/children if they need it

- Pay attention to the child/children

- Make sure the child/children feel comfortable with you

- Make sure the child/children do everything the parents set out for you to do with them

- Take Turns with each other if there is more than one child

- If more than one child let one pick the activity and the other one can pick the next one

- Never show favoritism


- Play outside

- Go to the park

- Finger painting

- Coloring

- Make things

- Watch a movie

- Help them with their homework if they need it

- Make cookies

- Play games

- Watch educational shows

- Read books

- Take them out to eat