Young's Newsletter

September 16, 2013

Weekly Notes

  • We are starting Hatchet this week.
  • We learned about Perspective and Point of View. We will be applying it to some creative writing this week.
  • Geography Groups are presenting world information this week, then we will start learning about North American features
  • School pictures Friday
  • Wednesday is a half day- Dismissal is 90 minutes early (1:45).
  • New Reading logs - 100 minutes total over a course of at least 3 sessions.
  • Fundraiser packets are in backpacks. Please look them over tonight.
  • Volunteers - if you would like to volunteer, please take a look at our weekly schedule and see when would work for you. If you have a few times in mind, check with me and I can let you know where the greatest need is. Basically, right now, I am looking for volunteers to be an extra body to listen to directions and help students be successful. We do lots of group work and having someone to help guide them along is very helpful. Thanks!


  • Math - daily
  • Spelling - due Friday
  • Reading - total of 100 minutes + reading log filled out.