Incident At Hawks Hill

By: Allan W. Eckert

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This book has adventure, and "tragedy". It is a book that is nice for a day that is boring just because of its great plot.

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This book is probably for kids ages 10-13, best I would say in 6th grade to read. 191 pages published by Bantam Books.


Books that are similar to this My Side of the Mountain by John Craighead George, Flicka by Mary O'Hara.


I give this book a four out of five and because it was really good but I wasn't personally satisfied with the ending. I would say with a rank 1 being best and five 5 being worst book I have ever read I would rank this at 3 best book I have ever read, 4 would be Flicka, 5 would be Grandmother Cat and the Hermit, 2 would be My side of the mountain, and number 1 is Runaway Ralph by Beverly Clearly but it is my favorite book because the author always had me satisfied.

Quote Me

Here are some meaningful quotes from the book. 1." a miracle? Nothing short of that's going to change him." pg 5. 2. " Even though the MacDonald family had reluctantly attended the memorial services held for Ben in North Corners ten days after the boy's disappearance, neither Esther or William truly believed their youngest son to be dead." 3. "She hugged him to her, lifting him up and rocking back and forth with him, murmuring to him and kissing him, the tears she shed falling on him and streaking his dirty skin.".


In the beginning of this book you meet Ben MacDonald and his family. Ben is considered to be a runt and a retard so hes not treated well.But Ben has something special to him which is he can sort of talk to animals. Then one day this guy named George Burton comes to the MacDonald's house with his big scary dog. The dog starts barking and snapping at Ben but Ben has no reaction which is crazy. But then a little later he follows a badger named dilly. After some time Ben and Dilly become friends. Dilly has a few baby badgers, but one night Ben gets lost with Dilly and Dilly's baby's get killed and Dilly's leg gets chopped of. Then every one is really sad that Ben is gone because they don't know where he is. Then Ben's family thinks he is dead so they have a funeral for him even though he really isn't dead. Then a little while later they get the idea that he is still alive so they go out looking for him, Then Ben's brother John found Ben with Dilly but Ben was acting more like a badger then human. John yells to his dad I found Ben! When Ben's dad comes over he has to shoot Dilly. Even though Ben was really sad that Dilly was dead he still came home.