Thursday, December 10, 2015

-HOMEWORK Moon Observation-->This weekend

Everyone had trouble seeing the moon on Monday night. I even had my daughter go outside with me to use her binoculars and we could not see it clearly. Hopefully a few more days and a few less clouds will help make this a successful assignment. Please look for binoculars to come home again on Friday evening and try again on the clearest night.

Thankfully the sun has been cooperating for our sun observations the past couple of days.

Thanks for your help and patience with our science homework!!

Goodbye Miss Wall :'(

Tomorrow (Friday, December 11th), is Miss Wall's last day with our class. We have LOVED having her with us and will miss her greatly. If you want to send something, or write her a short note, we will celebrate her tomorrow afternoon. Tears will, no doubt, be flowing. We are wishing her well in all of her future endeavors.