What Does Piney Woods Mean To You?

by: shaylee gregory

what are Piney woods?

Piney woods? They are forests across Texas, they cover thousands of miles of the United States.Piney woods are dominated by variety of pine which could be hardwood,hickory,and oak.

They are put there by weathering or people.

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Where are Piney woods most likely found in nature?

Piney woods are found in East Texas.

Here are some examples...

  • Southern Arkansas
  • Western Louisanna
  • Southwestern Oklahoma
The way that these piney woods grow in these places is because of weathering & erosion the process of weathering picks up seeds left over and moves them from place to place.Plus, erosion does the same thing.
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What creatures use piney woods as a source?

What happens To The Ecoregion When Piney Woods Are Eroded?

Do you know?

Well, when erosion happens in the piney woods the plants that are coming up out of the ground as in breaking from there roots, they are eroded then well stop at when they get to the stopping point or when the water stops, they start to decompose.

In addition, as it erodes in the forest it takes different objects as it moves...plants ,sticks ,seeds ,or even animals remains.

What Are Piney Woods Landform?

Well, piney woods are most likely found on a flat surface with a few hills that are a variety of sizes.And often have swamps or rivers through the area where a piney wood area is.

The way that hills are made to make piney woods, they are plates pushed together by the gravitational pull, so when they hit they form up. And deposition builds up to make mountains.