Obese People in Battle

Cindy Cervantes


Why am i eating like crazy... HELP ME JESUS!!!

No exercise... in have a treadmill, but don't use it ever

Health care center, NAH. to lazy to walk and finish this wor...

ok ill be quick and i will run to the center.. forget i don't run...i wanted to see how it looks...

Look pretty good... i guess_ i don't =really care........

goonna eat a cupcake now/////


Dear Diary,

I am eating junk and I am not exercising. I need help to to lose weight. Oh I got it I will go to my doctor. I hope this will work. Maybe I get a lollipop or five. Okay forget what I said. Yeah I hope they can help lose weight. Let's see what they got in store for me, Willis G. Gram. :)

Maybe when I am done with the doctor I can eat a cake or a salad. Ugh I hate salad never mind... I eat my cake in peace trying to lose weight.Okay Diary see ya later gator. :0 Wish me luck at the doctor hope there nothing bad. Actually I do not need hope, I got me, myself, and I. Okay now it is the end. After awhile crocodile. <^^^)

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Dear Paper,

I am in a bit of a rush here. I have to run 2 miles, then I do a mini workout: which is 20 squats, 200m run, 30 dumbbells lunges, 40 jump ropes, and finally 30 V-sit ups. It just a mini workout for the morning. Then I a good breakfast. Okay bye friend.


just here...

on my bed...

doing nothing but eating crap...

someone help me please...

...Hart help me lose weight please...

okay exercise and eat healthy okay!

okay ill try

And it is your decision that you are like that remember that okay..

Remember that all the time you have eaten you

Could of exercise and dance and swim and party and everything

okay bye..


Like one person said once, it is your decision... your mistake... it is your fault... do not go blaming own others cause your stupid little choice... okay now go on with your life and party. :)