and the applications it presents

Kinder Eggs

I chose kinder eggs as my product. Kinder eggs are chocolate eggs that are hollow on the inside. The inside come with a plastic toy and are a very entertaining idea and product. They are made by the Italian company Ferrero

What is globalization?

Globalization is the way the entire world can share a global market; so that anyone can get anything, regardless on where it comes from.

The themes of globalization


It's a process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications.

Kinder Eggs help stimulate the economy in Europe because they are a popular treat in places like France and Italy.

A problem with Economic Globalization is that if Italy's economy is in the toilet, that could cause prices to fluctuate and might change the value of the euro. The solution to this problem is Europe's countries working together and helping each other out. Such as giving each other economic stimulants.


Globalization allows people from the other side of the world to share their culture and goods.

I can share the culture of Italy through the food they eat with Kinder Eggs, when my family goes to places like England and France.

The problem with cultural globalization is that our American culture is starting to assimilate others. If we overflow Italy with "Americanization" then they might not make their own interesting things. A solution could be not trying to force American ideals upon every single country we meet.


Globalization allows new inventions to be shared across the globe, regardless of their origin

Kinder Eggs don't really have much to do with technology, but I suppose the factories they're made in have evolved over the years.

The problem with technology is the pollution it's causing. If your shipping a large quantity of product over a long distance you'll be using trains, boats, planes, and trucks. This is an excellent article detailing shipping issues

The solution to our problem is to keep using these systems so that we can study there effects and find out ways to using green technology.

The Great Country of Italy!

Political Map

The political map of Italy shows that Italy is a pretty small country compared to others like the U.S.A and China.

Population Map

As you can see, many more people live in the Naples and Rome than anywhere else in Italy. I believe this is true because Rome is a popular tourist city in Italy. Ergo, lots of business will there so many people will want to live there. Both places are also near the Ocean, so there are extra resources there.

Resource Map

This resource maps shows that most of Italy's resources are in the south. This means that most factories and fisheries and manufacturing in this country will be in the south.

Transportaion Map

Rome is the main center for transportation in Italy for the same reasons as the population map. It's a tourist center so many people will be going in and out of the area. And seeing as how it's one of the largest cities in Italy, it's expected to have better transport in general.


My hypothesis of the maps I studied is that Rome seems to be the focal point of the country, and that much of the business, transport, and population. I believe that many of the kinder eggs sold are probably in Rome, and all the are exported are from Rome, and maybe even most of the sales are in Rome.


In order to make a Kinder egg, one must first create a shell for the plastic. Once that is completed, you take two chocolate half shells and fuse them together around the plastic shell. then you wrap the egg in a foil coating and package them in trios. Follow up by shipping them to places like France, and have someone's family member buy them, bring them home.

My relationship with Globalization

My relationship with globalization is a positive one. 99% of my things are made through globalization. For example, my Samsung laptop came from Japan. And my miniatures are from the U.K. and the manufacturing for those miniatures in China. All of these things are good because without globalization I'd probably be getting a (shudders) Mac. the bad part about globalization is that if one countries fails like Japan, it could cause a chain reaction that could lead to the failure of a company like Samsung so I would not be able to get any more computers from my favorite PC company.