advancements in technology

Why was it important for the Incas to have advancements in technology?

The Inca had advancements in technology one of the technologies was a stone river. These rivers where used for communication. These rivers where also used for many other things like transporting army troops. from "it was important for the Inca to have advancements in technology because without these the Inca could not communicate since these was one of their was of communication."
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This is a picture of a river that the Inca used to communicate.

I learned that the Inca used a quipus. A Quipus was a series of strings and knots, the number if knots the size and the distance between conveyed meaning to the Inca sort of like writing. Only special trained people new how to make these knots. From “ the quipus was a tool and a weapon it was used for hunting down animals by whipping”.

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this is a picture of a Quipus used by the Inca

I have learned that the rivers are used for many different things like transporting goods and moving different army troops

to different location. The army troops where used to transport crates of their supplies down the rivers since each base in

the Inca were not fare away .From

just watch and see the crates go down the rivers.

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