Rebecca journal

May 16, 2016

Today i am excited because, tonight i have my first 4-H dog meting. I get to bring my dog in and show him, it is going to be so fun. The dog i am bringing is Spencer, he is our little maltisepoodle. He is white and his hair is very fluffy and curly. But my brother is bringing our other dog his names Bentley. He is a Golden retriever he is the best dog. Tonight we ate going to have fun showing the dogs when its fair time. But every Monday until fair is a dog meeting. So we are going to have a lot of practice and we will hopefully be able to be one of the best showing our dogs. The really funny thing is that in one of the classes is that there is a dog costume class. So it is going to really funny watching all the dogs in costumes.

May 17, 2016

This weekend i'm going to Chicago. We are going to stay at my dads friends house. He has a daughter and a son, but his son is with his mom until summer time. I hope we are going to go shopping for some clothes and activities or something. I am so excited to go to Chicago because i haven't seen there daughter in like 1 year. Also i cant wait to see there house because they just got done repainting it from the last time i was there.
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May 18, 2016

Today is my moms birthday! Shes turning 39, I cant be leave how much we've been threw. I'm so excited for tonight to celebrate and have cake. The other thing i am excited about tonight is the rabbit meeting. I am hoping to bring my rabbit uno in, he is my favorite rabbit he is also the most tame rabbit. But back to my Moms birthday for her birthday she got a lawn sweeper from my dad and i made her a little school wreath thing out of crayons. It looks pretty cool. The only thing she didn't get yet was a gift from my brother Ryan, but i know he will make up for what ever he will get her. Either way a special Happy Birthday goes out to my amazing MOM!

May 19, 2016

To day i am having my friend Gabby over, we are going to eat some of my moms left over cookie cake and ice cream stuff. Then we are going to ride my horse Lyric. I am so excited to have her over. Some of the thing i am going to do with my horse is work on some ground work, then we are going to practice showmanship. Once that's finished with we are going to get the saddle on and ride a little. We are going to walk about 5 laps both ways then we are going to trot about ten both ways. Then finally if i get to loap her about 3 laps both ways. It is going to quite a night with her.
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May 23, 2016

Today is going to be crazy, because after school i have to get my homework done like normal then i have to get my horse and dog ready. First i have to get my dog ready because we have a dog meeting tonight and we have to bring them to it. But then right after the dog meeting i have to get my horse ready for a horse meeting. So tonight is going to be crazy fun and crazy stressful.

Book notes:

the book i'm reading is the Black Stallions Filly. The charecters are Alec, Henry, Black, Satan, Black Mix. Its about the Filly that is going to run in the Kentucky Derby. They have to put a lot of work into the filly, because she has trouble running on her own. But they found out a way to get her to run but it is a trick. The trick is to get the filly to act like shes in control but really Alec is, but when she has the bit in her mouth she runs as fast as she can with him on her back. That'[s what they want from her tho.

May 24, 2016

Last night was so fun. When it was the dog meeting no one showed up except my brother and some other people. But the instructor didn't even show up so we had to work with the dogs by our selves. But the horse meeting was really fun, because i got to bring my pony buttercup. But the bad news was that i couldn't bring my big horse Lyric because she pulled her ham string. But it was still fun being able to bring my little pony. The things we worked on at the horse meeting was working on showmanship and speed it was the most fun time.

Book notes:

Today in the book Black Stallions Filly they were watching the opponents she will have to go up against in the Kentucky Derby. It was one of the races that determined if you could get into the Kentucky Derby. Some of the colts in that race were favored because of there blood line, and skill. Like the favored one was Jet i think it was in the race.

May 25, 2016

If i was ever stranded on an island and i could only pick 3 people from school i would pick Leah Patterson, Payton Kizer, and Isabella Stucky. What would probraly happen is someone would want to get food, and then start the shelter, and finally get some water. But when we start to run out of food idk what we would start to do. We might form a list on if you bring food you are safe to stay with us and if you dont you have to go off by yourself. So if all three of us did not bring food we would go back together and go again.

Book notes:

In the book today i read about how the race went at the track. At the starting gates Silver Jet didn't get a good start out of the gates. But when he was far behind some of the horses started to tire out and fall behind so he took that as an advantage. As he started going he was going to be int the front in no time, he began to pick up his speed and before he knew it he was in front. He had won the race. So after watching the race Alec and Henry needed to get to work with the Filly more. But the one thing Silver Jet didn't do was beat Vanity's time record he was off a 5th of a second.

May 27, 2016

This weekend we are very busy, because tonight i am having my friend Hailey over then on Saturday there is a surprise birthday party, and last but not least my cousins graduating. tonight i am excited to work with Hershey because we are getting everything ready for the up coming show. We are getting our costumes ready making all of his tricks almost perfect and them getting his costume ready. Then i am eager for the surprise party so i can make sure my aunt is surprised. Then finally i am so proud of my cousin that he is graduating. I remember him when he was young and he was always a great role model!!!!!!! It is going to be one of the most fun weekends.