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Robertson Newsletter May, 2020

Thank You !

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. Attached is a link with a variety of activities that your child could do to express appreciation to their child’s teachers. Please join in the fun!

Robertson Elementary Progress With Remote Learning

Learning how to provide effective teaching and learning to our students while at the same time doing so has been quite a challenge. I am super proud of our teaching staff for stepping up in building their knowledge and skills of how to do this. We also very much appreciate the parent support with your kids at home. We realize completely that this has been an extremely large challenge for you as well. Thank you for joining with us in the team effort!

I want to share some of the remote learning strategies that we have learned and are working to put in place:

Classroom meetings – Reconnecting students to their teacher and peers through weekly classroom meetings. These are not intended to be instructional. The purpose is for students to connect with their teacher and fellow students.

Providing a weekly academic schedule – Helping to build routines for students and parents with the creation of an academic schedule for the week.

Creation, use, and maintenance of an online classroom, ClassDojo – This includes the use of messaging and video to build a class story. A student portfolio is in place for return of student work that could be text, a drawing, a video or a picture.

Routine communication times – Establishing common times for communication of learning tasks and emails from school to home. Teachers have or will soon be communicating a common time that you can look for them to send out learning activities to your child. This newsletter update will be a weekly communication that you can look for each Thursday morning.

Teacher made instructional videos – Teachers are learning how to produce short instructional videos that are followed up by a learning activity. Your child can pause and replay these as often as needed.

Thank you for partnering with us as never before in the teaching and learning of your child. We super appreciate everything you are doing in your home.