work english

names:ofir,adi,nill date:4/4 class:ח'5


We chose Brazil because we are all in this country and we really enjoyed it . City is very impressive , beautiful , interesting and fun . There are a lot of areas in this country we love sports like football surfing and dancing .

identity card

Name: Brazil.

Capital city : Brazilia.

Flag: There is a circle inside the center of the flag and stars . THE flag colors are Yellow , green, blue , and white .

Population: 2015 estimate : 205,338,000.

Offical languages: Portuguese.

Government: Federal Democratic Republic.

Area:Total 8,515,767 km.

Tourists: A country with lots of tourists from all over the world.

Attractions:Christ the Redeemer,Amazon River,Rio Carnival,Salvador Beaches, iguazo falls and more.

Summary Of Brazil

Brazil is a fascinating blend of cultures , beliefs , folklore , cities and spectacular natural landscapes . Brazil is multifaceted and offers visitors a stormy rain forests with animals and lush vegetation especially in Brazil Nmaim huge waterfalls , cascades Haingooso . Once a year, in February held the largest carnival in Rio . The most popular dance is the samba . A variety of cultures and religions together form the unending magic of Brazil . The most famous sport in Brazil is football . Hmrknh Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest in the world.

Reflection Of The Work

Adi - I learned about Brazil is a very tourist country and has a lot of entertainment , different cultures , different sports , the carnival that Rio , the football stadium coast of Salvador and many other places , I enjoyed to do with my work this job .

ofir-I really enjoyed doing this work group because of such action by a group working very enjoyable and fun . I learned a lot of things about her state of Brazil .

Nill-I really enjoyed working group , it was fun to learn new things about Brazil . Even though I've discovered that there is still a lot of new things I did not know about Brazil before, for example stylist who dance in Brazil , the amount of population .