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Dear Mr. Nunley

Mr. Nunley i'm Angie and i'm 50 yrs old and I seem to be having a huge problem with hair loss for the past couple of weeks is there anything you can recommend or help me prevent this constant her loss ?

Eating certain fruits and vegetables can prevent hair loss!

Dear Angie

There is always a need or medicine for these type of situations. No need for your hair products or Bosley, when you can just eat certain fruits and vegetables such as Bananas, Raspberries, and Avocados. Bananas is something you could eat any other day to prevent hair from your head being lost. Next, Raspberries can be eating before showers being in action so it can maintain hair from being wash out of your head in the shower. Lastly, you can eat avocados part of every meal of your day constantly so you can be 100% confident that you not losing hair.

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