Heath Science Careers



Occupation Title: Nursing.

Career Cluster:Heath Science Careers.

Job duties/responsibilities:

+ They provide hands-on care to patients.

+ Move into leadership roles in clinics.

+ Managing intravenous lines.

+ Maintaining records and communicating with doctor.

+ Give direction and supervision to nurse aides and home health aides.

Days and hours worked:

+ 35 to 40 hours per week.

+ 8 hours per day work on shift.

+ On cal 24/24 for consecutive 36 hours.

Starting salary and salary range w / experience:

$25.45 per hour.

+ $67,930 per year.

Education / Training required:

+ Four-year College Degree ( University Degree ).

+ Associate's Degree in nursing.

Personality Characteristic needed for person seeking employment in this field:

+ Hard working

+ Satience

+ Saturate

+ Studious

Advice you would give someone who wanted to get the job:

+ You have to saturate and hard working

+ quickly response in solving problems in emergency

3 Positive Aspects of the job:

+ Nurse are taught many skills to care for their patients

+ The ability to independently think in critical manner

+ Nurse use their care and compassion to interpret the fears of their patients and offer them support accordingly

3 Negative Aspects of the Job :

+ High chances to catch the disease ( e.g Ebola )

+ On call 24/24, non-periodic schedule

+ Have to obtain many licenses and certs