School and Student Factors

Taking Action to Create a More Culturally Responsive Society

School Factors

-Provide more funding to school districts in poverty areas.
-Promote equality of resources to all schools in every district.
-Decrease the high turnover rate in districts with bad schools.
-Volunteer in local school programs to show support to your community's children.
-Districts/Schools need to provide extracurricular activities that promote active learning and is catered to the diverse backgrounds of their student population.
-Schools need to develop an understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds of their students.

Student Factors

-Teachers and administrators need to understand the background and where their students are from.
-Teachers and administrators need to view the world from the perspective of their students.
-Schools need to provide support for parents and teach them how they can help their children learn.
-Schools need to provide after school programs that supports their students learning.