SPS Summer Learning 2021

Fun Activities For The Entire Family!

What's inside?

Reading and Math are an important part of everyday life. Just because it is summer, students should not put their books or math skills away! The more our students read, the better readers our students will become. Just like reading, regular practice over the summer with a variety of math skills and strategies will strengthen the gains made over the school year.

Inside this newsletter you will find free websites and Grade Level Activity Books that contain a calendar of math and reading activities, games, websites and fun family activities. Enjoy!


What can you do to support your child?

  • Play the math games with you child
  • Play card games that involve math skills
  • Try to involve your child in home activities that involve cooking measuring and building

Connecticut Governor's Math Challenge

Great Websites for Math Games

(click on the link for access)

Grade Level Activity Calendar

English Language Arts ( ELA)

Try to encourage your child to do a literacy activity daily in order to prevent the summer slide! Just twenty minutes of reading a day will help your child retain all the growth they have made this year!

Activity Suggestions:

  • Join a summer reading challenge. These are free and a great incentive for your child to read.
  • Play online games. There are many fun free online games for your child to play. See some suggestions below.
  • Encourage letter writing. Kids love to get mail! Have your child write letters to friends and family.

Connecticut Governor's Reading Challenge

Message to Parent's and Students

Grade Level Activity Calendar

Summer Reading Resources:

Great Websites to Encourage Literacy:

  • Newsela- free online articles for students to read that are current and of high interest. Students can change the reading level to match their individual needs.
  • Into the Book! : Reading Comprehension strategies
  • Spelling City: Practice spelling in a fun way!
  • Vocabulary Can Be Fun: Fun games to increase vocabulary development

Social Studies

Here are some fun activities to do this summer with your child that connect with social studies:

  • Play the license plate game. On car rides see how many states your child can find on the cars license plates going by.
  • Research your summer vacation. Have your child do some research about where you may are going for vacation through their Chamber of Commerce.
  • Learn about someone who is making a difference. Have your child research about someone that interests them.
  • Visit our local FREE historical sites. See the list below for some fun places to visit.

Local Free Day Trips:

Great Websites:

Grade Level Topics

Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Framework (page 6)


What can you do to support your child?

Science is all about making sense of the world. Wondering, discovering, and experimenting are all important skills that can easily occur throughout the summer months. The following eight Science and Engineering Practices are implemented in every K-8 science class. How many can your child do this summer?

Science and Engineering Practices

  • Ask Questions and DefineProblems.
  • Develop and Use Models.
  • Plan and Carry Out Investigations.
  • Analyze and Interpret Data.
  • Use Mathematics and Computational Thinking.
  • Construct Explanations and Design Solutions.
  • Engage in Argument from Evidence.

Local Areas for Discovery

Hike Stonington 2021

List of Connecticut State Parks

DEEP: Connecticut Parks and Forests

Connecticut Science Museums and Nature Centers

Visit Connecticut: Nature and Science

Rhode Island Parks and Recreation

Roger Williams Museum of Natural History & Planetarium

Great Websites for Science Exploration


Steve Spangler Experiment Library

NASA Kids Club

Elementary Science Games and Activities

50 Science Activities for Kids

K-5 Coding Basics

PBS Science Games for Kids

Explore Live Cams-Science and Nature

Games@NOAA This game arcade houses interactive activities and games with ocean and air themes. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Middle School Science Games and Activities

Interactive Games and Simulations: A collection of interactive games and lab simulations in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Web Adventures: Explore Science, One Game at a Time a site maintained by Rice University with games to explore science concepts through games including CSI cases and epidemiology cases.

Middle School Coding Lessons

Grade Level Topics

Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS Parent Guides