Twenties Girl

Author: Sophie Kinsella // Book Report By: Brittany Quiring

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Description of Book:

This book is a chic-flick about a young girl in her twenties named, Laura Lington. She goes to a funeral of a great-aunt of hers and is approached by her great-aunt's ghost, Sadie. Sadie appears as her thirty year old self and is very feisty and demanding. She tells Laura that her last dying request is for Laura to find a green dragonfly necklace that belonged to her. Laura agrees to look for the necklace and along the way, finds true love with a man named Ed Harrison, because of Sadie. She also finds out that her Uncle Bill Lington, head of a coffee industry that is larger than Starbucks, had lied about how he created his company, and committed other large crimes.

The theme of this book is to care about your ancestors because they could actually be very interesting. Laura never really cared about her ancestors but when she met Sadie, she realized how interesting she was. Laura wished that she would have met with Sadie, when she was still alive.

Four Questions About The Book

What Did You Enjoy About The Book?

I liked when the book talked about Sadie's life in the roaring twenties and I thought it humorous when Sadie would try to give Laura advice on what to wear, or how to talk to a guy. This is because Sadie gave advice that would only be good for girls in the 1920s.

What Was The Author’s Purpose For Writing This Book?

It was to entertain you and provide you a good laugh. The way she writes is very sarcastic and hilarious.

Was The Ending Satisfactory?

Yes, very much so. I don't want to spoil it too much, so all I will say is that Sadie gets what she wants, Laura ends up happy and gets a very good job, and her Uncle Bill gets what he deserves.

Why Would You Recommend This Book?

I would recommend this book to the girls who like movies such as the Longest Ride, or any Hallmark movie. It is an extreme chick flick but it also has mystery and crime. There is also a lot of humor that makes the book fun and easy to read.