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January 17, 2023

GISD Instructional Technology's plan is to increase student achievement by providing teachers with the most innovative technology tools, professional development, and support that is available.

Volume 3, Issue 22

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New Tech Team Member

The Technology Team would like to welcome our newest member, Lauren Rivera. She will be the district's Software Integration Specialist. We are working together for the next few weeks to get her up-to-speed on all of our programs in the district. This is an exciting time of growth for our department and the district. Please make her feel welcome when you see her.

Photo Words

This blog by Eric Curts made my heart happy. First, it speaks to my creative side and how to share it with students. And, second, because it offers a way to accomplish this cool effect with tools all of our students already have ~ Google! The effect is placing photos and videos in words. It is a very slick trick that students love to do. (At least for my students it was one of their favorite assignments). But you don't need Photoshop or any other online program, just use Google. This blog has step-by-step instructions and a video to walk you through it. I would love to see some of what you and your students create.

Generating Interest in Electricity

This article covers some really cool things about electricity. There are links for videos on many subjects that may excite and entice your students to want to know more. Can a bike really power a house? How does solar energy work? How does a generator work? What about wind turbines? You might even ask your students if they have seen the blades for the wind turbines passing through town ~ we've had several over the last few months.

The Legislature is in Session

This is not a political post. It is also not a Social Studies post. This is intended for information only. The 88th Legislative began last week. Regardless of your political affiliation, you should be educated on what your electorate are doing. This is the time, and these are the people who set policies for our education system. Reach out to your representatives to let your opinions be heard.


Let's Do Lunch

In just a few weeks I will be attending TCEA. I would love to know what programs and websites you would like to know more about ~ that way I can attend sessions that include those ideas and programs. I am excited to share with you technology that can enhance your teaching. And remember, it doesn't actually have to be lunch.

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