global warming

it is not because of human activities

Little Ice Age

Global warming is not caused by humans it is caused by the sun.The temparetures have been going up and up ever since the little ice age.Global warming stopped in 2001 then started again later on that year.Every body on earth didnt die then come back did they.Thats how you know that global warming isnnt caused by humans because we was here and if it was us then y did it stop.

Climate Change

Global warming is the effect of climate change.The climate is changing constantly it wont stay the exact same every day it changes doesn't it. Its either a little bit different or a lot difference in the climate every day.Climate change is one of the worst threats to the earth, because the earth is warming up not cooling down thats why global warming is going on climate change thats the answer to global warming.

Solar Flares

The suns solar flares keeps getting stronger and stronger.Global warming and solar flares both have alot to do with each other because solar flares keep getting hotter then they get closer to us and warm up the earth.We stay getting hotter and hotter then global warming gets hotter and hotter and we get closer to dying.We cant do anything about it its not our fault.

Volcanoes Erupting

volcanoes are a big part of global warming also.They are closer to us and they are just like solar flares but on earth.They are just as hot we get closer and closer to being dead. they erupt alot.So if u think solar flares are bad wait a couple of years volcanoes will erupt just way way worse.

earth wobbles on its axis

When the earth spins it doesn't make a perfect rotation.It wobbles just a little bit,it exposes the north and south's latitudes and has more or less solar radiation.the wobble of the earths rotation causes temperature changes in the atmosphere for milliniums.