Food For The Forgotten

Help The Hungry: Group 7

Our Idea

We are students from various school districts that came to this camp with an idea that would change the world. During the past week we have all agreed on an idea that will make sure that there will be no more people that go to bed hungry.
Food for the forgotten: group 7

Our Plan

Our plan is that our group would be able to contact different stores and restaurants to see if they could sell our product or at least spread the word about our product. Our product is a debit card that you can give to homeless people or citizens who are food insecure. People can buy the debit card, fund it, and then the next time they see a hungry or homeless person they give the card and the homeless person can go to a store or public food source and get food.The card includes a tax free and 50% off on most food items,it also allows 3 meals a day and 3-5 snacks a day ,and it is 100% drug free! Thats right no alcohol or cigars.
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Our Vision

Once our plan is finished we hope to start seeing people give out the debit cards and making sure hungry people don't stay hungry. We want our word to be spread and have our plan and idea go world wide.
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Closing Statement

This week we have learned skills we will use throughout our lives and help us make a positive impact on our community. The wonderful counselors guiding us through camp have surrounded us with an optimistic influence, and have touched us dearly.

We learned advocacy, how to be an active citizen, and what it means to be a good citizen in our community. This included our main task. We took field trips to various locations, including the law school and the W.R. Poage Legislative Library. Speakers at these locations spoke about advocacy, active citizenship, and other good qualities found in a good citizen.

This week, we were asked to create a product to create a solution to a problem in our community. We selected hunger, because it is an obvious issue in the town of Waco and the neighboring cities. In fact, there is a 17.4% food insecurity rate in Texas. Through a brainstorm, we decided to create a debit card. This debit card can only be used on certain items in certain places (our partnering restaurants and grocery stores). The debit cards can be purchased at these places, and funded by the desired amount. The cards are then given to homeless and impoverish who are in food insecurity, and they can purchase food to provide for themselves and their families. The amount spent a day can be limited, to make sure the funding used is not wasted. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased, or items containing harmful drugs such as cigars, in general nothing along the lines of those two listed.

Of course, this can’t be done alone. We need support from you, the audience, to buy our product and give it to the homeless you see on the street, because, if you think about it, we’re all just one city in one nation, a family that is infinitely indivisible. Thank you for listening to our idea intently, and for your support on our product and issue. Thank you.

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About Us

Heidi Kuang

Deuce Moore

Carson Lutz

Norah Gonzalez

Lauren Myers

Andrea Lozano

Dahbin Shim

Gael Herrera

Arath Herrera

Carter Penney