Pothier Newsletter

April 2016

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Families,

I cannot believe how fast the year has flown. We are so excited with the progress that students have made and of all their hard work!

I would like to extend a warm welcome for parents and families to participate in our School Improvement Plan meetings and our Principal Coffee Hour meetings. We welcome all input and feedback. A Parent Survey will be going out. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it to school. The information we receive is invaluable.

I would like to take the time to remind all parents that it is very important to read 10-15 minutes each night with your children. It is a wonderful time to bond and spend time enjoying a good book. We are hosting Reading Week from April 11-15. We have a lot of fun activities including a Parent Reading Workshop planned and hope everyone participates and has a wonderful time!

Our school has implemented Panda House Program and it has been very successful! Students are working very hard to earn Panda Cash and Rock N'Roll Fridays! They have been doing a terrific job. We will be hosting Wear Your HOUSE Color every other Wednesday. Children who wear their HOUSE color can earn Panda Cash. We appreciate all your support!

Attendance has been a great concern. It is so important that students arrive on time and attend school regularly. Please help us to ensure your child attends school and is ready to learn. All children who come to school on time and each day can earn Panda Cash for their HOUSE. Help your children to win!

Have a wonderful April,

Celeste Conti

School Principal

Preschool News

We are so excited to have the warmer weather back as we await the start of Spring. During the month of April the preschool classes will be learning about the signs of Spring as well as things that grow. We will be learning through a variety of fun activities including stories, songs, crafts and learning centers. We are also going do some planting so that we can experience the excitement of watching something grow! We will learn how to care for our plants by giving them water and sunlight. There will be lots of fun and learning happening during the month of April in preschool!

Kindergarten News

April will be a busy month in kindergarten! In Reading Workshop, We are beginning a unit on nonfiction/Informational books. In this unit, readers will use text to discover, learn and think about their world. In Eureka Math, we have been working on addition, subtraction and number bonds.

Also in April... Some very fuzzy creatures are on their way to kindergarten- Caterpillars! They'll join us as we learn all about metamorphosis! Exciting!

Have a safe + happy Spring Break!

First Grade News

First grade is reading nonfiction literature for the month of March. We have been working on incorporating our nonfiction texts into our writing as well. Many classes have been doing nonfiction writing projects to go along with the topics they have been reading about. In math we are breaking numbers down into tens and ones. A great way to practice this with your child is to count pennies and dimes together. Speaking of pennies - we have started our Pennies for Patients school-wide fundraiser to raise money for children with leukemia. Please support us in this effort!

Second Grade News

Second graders have been working hard to master strategies for adding and subtracting within 1,000. Next, they will be learning strategies for decomposing tens and hundreds within 1,000. Please continue to support your child not only by assisting with the homework but also by practicing math games that strengthen their math fluency. At around this time, second graders are ready to deepen their understanding in reading. For that purpose, please invite your child to tell you what the book they read was about and what they think the author's message was. In writing, our second graders are on their way to master the writing process. Please remind your child to read their writing to make sure it makes sense and to check for punctuation and capitalization. Lastly, If you can donate, we can always use disinfectant wipes and tissues in the classroom at this time of the year. Thank you!

Parent Corner

PTO News

PTO meeting with be Tuesday, April 5th at 5:30.

Also, Saturday, April 2nd, PTO will be hosting their first Vendor Fair at the school from 10-2. Everyone is welcome.

House News

Donate a dollar to the school and wear your Panda Pride house color!

Wednesday, April13th & 27th.

House Colors:

Yellow: rooms 201, 203, 218, 212

Blue rooms 101, 104, 207, 214

Green: rooms 103, 107, 209, 205

Red: rooms 102, 105, 208, 202

Purple: rooms 210, 217, 211, 213

Orange: rooms 106, 215, 204, 206

Monthly Calendar

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