A Little Piece of Ground

By: Elizabeth Laird

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The poem One is related to my book because in A Little Piece of Ground a cat named Aziza had kittens. She cared for them very well and always kept them healthy and well fed. Aziza knew that where she and her kittens were staying wasn't safe so she took them and left. "Aziza didn't try to carry Ginger, as she carried Hurriyah. Instead, she went on alone, stopping and looking back, calling all the time for Ginger to follow her" (Laird 182). One day Karim (the main character) found Ginger dead. He picked her up and buried her with his friend Joni. After he buried her, he started to cry because Ginger was the kitten that kept him company when he was alone. This poem is related to my book perfectly and describes the situation that happened in my book very well.
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The poem Soccer relates to my book very well because in A Little Piece of Ground the main character Karim loves soccer. Soccer is his passion and he does anything to get to play. When he is on the field, he feels like he is in another dimension. "He grabbed Joni's arm. 'There's no point in hanging around here any longer. We can go and play soccer'"(Laird 19). This shows how Karim wants to play soccer at any possible moment. This poem relates to Karim and his passion for soccer very well because Karim feels remarkable when he is out in the soccer field.
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This poem relates to my book because Karims brother Jamal is in love with a girl named Violette and he wants her to notice him. He does many things to try to get her to notice him and he always blushes when he actually talks to her. "Jamal sat down at the table, propped the photo in front of him and gazed at it. His expression, to Karims disgusted eye, was soulful" (Jiang 124). This part was about how Jamal was looking at a picture of Violette soulfully just like the poem describes. This poem is perfectly describing the way Jamal feels about Violette.
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This poem relates to my book because Karim was running away from the Israelites and they started shooting at him. Many of the bullets missed him until one ricocheted off a wall and went into his leg. Karim was in really bad pain and tried to keep running but he couldn't because of the pain. Right before he blacked out he felt his brother Jamal shaking him telling him to get up. "A moment later, someone was shaking him roughly by the shoulder. Karim looked up. 'Jamal!' He gasped. 'Are you real? Is it real?"'(Jiang 189). Once Jamal found Karim he carried him all the way to the hospital with the risk of also being shot. Once Karim got there, he immediately got surgery and when he woke up, Jamal was right next to him. Karim was very greatful and thanked Jamal for saving his life.


J- joyful

O- outgoing

N- neat

I- intelligent


Joni is Karims best friend. He is always joyful and in a good mood and tries to make the best out of every situation. He's good at making new friends and has an outgoing personality. Joni is very neat and always has everything laid out in neat piles. "Joni's clothes seemed to have gone. No, here they were, folded neatly and piled in the corner. Typical"(Jiang 171). Thats shows how Joni typically folds his clothes neatly in a pile. Joni is also very intelligent. He always comes up with solutions to problems and he is in all focus classes for school. Overall, Joni is a great friend and seems fun to be around!