Human declassified apocalypse guide

No one is safe

Where to Run!!!???

THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE!!!!!! Where to hide? Hidden identities say that the best regions to escape in the U.S. is the Canadian Shield, Interior Lowlands, or Basin and Range.

Region Descriptions

Canadian Shield: This region has multiple lakes for transportation and hills which should slow down the zombies chasing after you. Interior Lowlands: Contains rolling flatlands which may increase your speed, but may increase the zombie's speed so keep an eye out (no pun intended). This region also has rivers for transportation. Basin & Range: Is home to Death valley which would help because you know that if you were to fall in it you'd die, but the zombies don't know that (hopefully). Basin and range also has access to the Rio Grande river which reaches into the Gulf of Mexico.

Region Ratings

On a scale from 1 to 10, why is this region safe or unsafe. Canadian Shield: 6 (you're likely to survive). I think you'd survive because the lakes in this region eventually reach the ocean somehow. But, there's a catch; sure, the hills in this region would slow the zombies, but the hills would slow you down also. Interior Lowlands: 5 (you might survive, but you might not).