Ernest Hemingway


Did You Know?

Mr. Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois and passed away on July 2nd, 1961.

Ernest was one of six children in his family.

His mother longed for a daughter so much that she dressed Ernest as if he was a little girl.

Hemingway's father was a doctor and a very quiet man.

As a young child, his family would go to northern Michigan in the summers and he would make house calls with his father.
Ernest started his career as a reporter for The Kansas City Star fresh out of high school.

Shortly after his job as a reporter, Ernest took part in the Ambulance Corps in WWI as an ambulance driver.

In 1818 he had over 200 pieces of mortar shell in his legs

Even though he was injured this badly, Hemingway still carried an injured soldier to receive medical help.

Because of this selfless action, he received the Silver Medal.

Mr. Hemingway then aided in the Spanish Civil War and in the D-Day landings during the French invasion during World War II which he reported and took part in.
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In America, Ernest Hemingway continued writing, this time for the Toronto Star.

As he was in Paris reporting for the Toronto Star, Ernest published his first books, "Three Stories and Ten Poems" and "In Our Time."

In Ernest's lifetime, he wrote 7 novels, 6 collections of short stories, and 2 non fiction books.

Hemingway even received a few awards for his literary work.
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Ernest Hemingway even got to be on a stamp.
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Hemingway went through many things in his career and life.

Ernest suffered 2 plane crashes, war wounds and 4 failed marriages in his life and also many health issues.

Sadly, on July 2nd, 1961 after 61 years, Ernest Hemingway took his own life like his father.

Ernest left a very big impact on American literature and on many lives.

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