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September 2021

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ARDs, IEPs & Progress Reports

Parent Engagement Meeting - virtual

Thursday, September 9th

7:00 pm

Please join us for this first parent Engagement Meeting of the new school year. Desiree Scott, Assistant Director of Special Education, will help you navigate your child’s ARD meeting, understand their IEPs, and decipher their IEP Progress Reports.

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Meeting ID: 843 9885 5281

Passcode: 077119

Mark Your Calendar for October 7th Special Services Meet & Mingle

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September is DEAF AWARENESS Month!

by Shannon Johnson, Instructional Specialist for Crowley Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

September is a time set aside for the members of the Deaf community to celebrate their differences and accomplishments as a community. Here are a few common questions that are asked of members of the deaf community:

  1. How do you know someone is at the door? There is a special type of door bell that is connected to a lamp or light inside the home. When someone pushes the button outside it flashes instead-of or in-addition-to the ringing of the typical doorbell. There are also various types of signaling systems that can be sent through the person's cell phone.

  2. How do deaf people know their phone is ringing? Many deaf have gone away from a land-line, just like the hearing community. They set their phones to vibrate and/or flash a light so they can see or feel when they have a text or video call. If they do still have a land-line they can have a signaling system set up, similar to the door bell. The light flashes a different signal when the phone rings.

  3. How do the deaf wake-up in the morning if they can’t hear their alarm clock? There are special alarm clocks for the deaf that allow a vibrating disc/bed shaker to be plugged in and placed under the mattress. You can also plug a lamp into the alarm clock to have a light flash as well as the vibration of the bed shaker.

  4. How do the deaf call to make a doctor's appointment or order a pizza? With technology improving and changing every day, the ways a deaf person can communicate with the hearing world is also changing. The deaf are able to utilize services via the internet, texting and/or a video relay service. The video-relay system allows the deaf person to use their natural language, ASL, to communicate their wants and needs, via video call, to a signing relay operator and that operator then voices to the hearing person on the other end and vice versa.

  5. Does every deaf person know and use sign language? No, they do no not all know and use sign language. Many deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals utilize their hearing and voice to communicate. Personal hearing technology has changed significantly over time and with that the ability to hear and understand speech. However, just because a person can hear and speak doesn’t mean they don’t use sign language as a part of their daily communication. You need to ask the individual person which they prefer.

Over the next few months we will continue to provide information and insights into the Deaf culture. If you are curious and want to find information on your own you can type in “Deaf Culture” on the web find a wealth of great information.

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