The Color Purple

Alice Walker

Racism/ transcending racial stereotypes

In the novel the characters face many incidents that involve racism. However one instance really stands out to me the most. That instance is when Sofia gets arrested. In the book Sofia gets arrested for sassing the mayors wife. The mayors wife asked Sofia to be her nanny. Sofia said hell no. She then got into an argument and fight with the major. During her arrest Sofia gets abused by police brutality, and gets beaten. Only because the color of her skin. This is very sad, and even made her wind up in the hospital for a little bit of time. After the hospital it was jail. That was racist of the police and mayor because Sofia got brutally beaten for no reason other than the color of her skin.

Sexism/ transcending gender stereotypes

There is a lot of sexism showed in this book. I believe the author Alice Walker is sexist. In the book she portrayed almost every boy in such a horrible way. Alice mad every boy in the novel be a nasty person that treated girls with no respect. She made them think of girls as slaves. Pa and Celie for example, Celie was forced to have sex with Pa whenever he wanted to. He would tell Celie orders and she would listen to him know problem. Celie was Pa's slave in a sense. Alice Walker makes it seem like all men disrespect women ,and don't care about anything but them selves. Alice makes the men in the book seem sexist against girls but in reality she is the one sexist against boys.

Spirituality/ How one's understanding of god evolves over a life time

Throughout your life time you learn more and more everyday. God is one thing that's not easy to learn. In the beginning of the book Celie is constantly righting to god. She tells him everything about her life. Celie has many problems and usually talks to god about them the most. She believed god could just fix all of her problems if she talked to him and prayed. She thought they would all just magically go away, he could magically make everything better. Then as Celie grows older and becomes for independent and intelligent, she realizes that god cannot do that. Celie realizes thats god is there to support you and when your feeling bad about things he is there to comfort you, and that you should not just rely on god to make your life better or to make it successful. After learning this Celie starts to become more and more independent and starts doing more things by herself. All of that leads Celie to become a very successful person. I think once Celie found the true concept of God it sparked the wick ,and later lead her to success.

The power of female friendships

Celie acquires many friends in the color purple. How ever, there is two that stand out to me the most and make the most significant changes in her life. These two friends are Nettie and Shug. Nettie is Celie's sister and throughout the whole book Celie is constantly talking about Nettie and how much she love and misses her, and at one point starts to write to her. At some parts of the book i believe the only thing enticing Celie to live is because of Nettie. Another friend that stand out a great amount is Shug. At first Shug isn't to keen of Celie, but once she gets to know her she begins to build a strong bond with Celie. The best part of the book in my opinion and turning point of the book is when Shug devises a plan for Celie. So she can read all of the letters her sister Nettie has been writing her. Nettie's been writing Celie ever since they split ,but instead of going to Celie Mr. was hiding them in his trunk. Shug gave Celie the opportunity to read these letters. In which caused her to realize how badly Mr. has been treating her and that he doesn't care about her once bit. This caused Celie to start believing she deserved better, and inspired her to start standing up for herself. In a sense I look at Nettie and Shug as guardian angels because throughout the book they protected Celie and drove her to success.

By: Joey Pinto

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