A LONG WAY GONE by Ishmael Baeh

Lining Up for Recruitment

"The rebels now faced us and announced that they were going to select people among us to be recruited, as it was the sole reason for their patrol. They ordered everyone to line up; men, women, even children younger than I. They walked up and down the line trying to make eye contact with us." (Chapter 5 pg. 34)

Summary of Quote

Ishmael lined up to be recruited by the rebels after he was captured along with his brother Junior and Khalilou. When they were lined up the rebel walked along the line looking for strong recruits.

What is the importance of the quote?

From the quote the reader can see that this region is going through a war that is affecting not only the current generation but the ones to come as well. The rebels recruit children as soldiers agents their own will. The elders more than likely get executed and don't get to pass down the knowledge they have to their grandchildren or sons. This could leave a large amount of cultural traits lost.

Importance to the story

This quote allows the reader to understand that the children and the author are afraid since they won't look the recruiter in the eyes as he walks along the line. Not only this but the others that are being recruited are even younger than Ishmael himself. Therefor, nobody cares for age