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Friday, January 15, 2016

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** NO SCHOOL Monday, January 18 **

End of 1st Semester & Grades

The 1st Semester wrapped up on Friday, January 15. With this being the end of the semester grade reports will be mailed out to families. Our teachers have their grades due on January 22 and we will work the week of January 25 to get envelopes stuffed and sent in the mail, and delivered to your homes.

The end of the semester also marks the end of the 2nd Quarter and a new rotation to their quarter Exploratories (Art, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, and Wellness). For the most part students' schedules will remain unchanged.

Student Spotlight

This year we are recognizing students who exemplify what it means to do your PARRT at Franklin. We call this feature our Spotlight Students. At least every month teachers will select six students from their respective grade level. PARRT is the curriculum we use with our students to teach appropriate and expected behaviors in the school and positive relationships with their classmates. PARRT stands for:

P: Personal Best

A: Active Listening

R: Respect

R: Responsibility

T: Trustworthiness

6th Grade

Wynter Fason, Vivian Lin, Kyra LaGrange, Tyler Orme, Colton Staudacher, Austin Ybarra

Big image

7th Grade

Logan Bentley, Sofia Burke, Raven Dochterman, Savannah Franklin, Henry Lin, Yemurai Tavaziva

Big image

8th Grade

Avary Heinrich (not pictured), Hannah Krejci, Ben Peckosh, Diamond Roundtree, Alex Schweer, Parnell Theroith

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Counseling Department

8th Grade Transition to High School Information

Dates and times can be found on the Franklin Website, Our School, Counseling. There are links to the high schools with more information regarding courses and graduation requirements.

January & February Registration Activities

  • January 7,8th and 12th – All 8th Grade, High School Planning with Counselors in Lab 334, ihaveaplan
  • January 21st – Washington and Kennedy Assembly at Franklin during school day
  • February 2 - Incoming Freshman orientation for parents AND students @ Washington HS Auditorium, 6:30 PM. VERY important meeting for all Washington bound families to attend!
  • February 4 - Incoming Freshman orientation for parents AND students @ Kennedy HS Auditorium, 6:30 PM. VERY important meeting for all Kennedy bound families to attend!
  • February 18th – Washington and Kennedy High School Registration during school day

Please follow the link for important 8th Grade Registration Information:

District Permits

Please follow the link for information concerning the district permits for the 2016-17 school year:

If you have any questions please contact our Counseling Office.

Dows Contest

The 23rd Annual Dows Contest will be open for entries beginning on Tuesday, January 19th. The Dows Contest is a great way for Franklin students to showcase their talent in writing and/or art and earn cash prizes for exceptional work. The contest runs from January 19th to February 24th, 2016.

This is a yearly event at Franklin and is made possible by the Dows Family Trust administered thru the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

We encourage all students to participate and submit their original writing and art work creations. Entries must be submitted to Dr. Carr or Ms. Rose by 2:00 PM Wednesday, February 24th, 2016. Please make sure that all contest rules are followed and that entries are submitted along with the appropriate entry forms. Please click on the links below for more information.

Please see Ms. Rose or Dr. Carr with questions.

January 29 - Student Activity Day

Parent Volunteers

We welcome parents that are willing to volunteer at any of the grade levels for the January 29 Activity Day. If you are interested in volunteering at your child's grade level please contact the following teachers:

6th Grade

We are in the midst of still planning our day for 6th Graders. There have been a few glitches with what we've done in the past and availability of space.. Teachers will complete plans in the next couple days and we'll make sure to share the information with students and families. Stay tuned!

7th Grade

The grade level is planning to take a community building field trip to Westdale Bowling Center. We will be going Friday, January 29th, with busses departing at 10:00AM and returning around 2:30PM.

Students can bring their own lunch, purchase it at the bowling alley, or order one from school. If you’d like to see the food menu at the bowling center, feel free to visit the website; a basket averages $7 and a pop $3. Kids may also bring money for Lazer Tag ($5), lazer maze ($3), pool, video games, or snacks. Bowling and shoes will be covered by the team.

8th Grade

Permission forms and money were due in the main office today, Friday. If students still wish to attend and have packets they can be returned next week. We'd love to see the entire 8th grade class attend. Annually this is a great trip and students, whether avid or novice skiers, have a great time. The slopes will be enjoyable and the food in the lodge is always great. If you need to reference the letter please follow the link:

This is a school trip. Students that are not attending the ski trip will attend school unless they're call in and excused.

Iowa Assessments

I apologize for the error in the previous newsletter concerning the dates for the Iowa Assessment. Before long students will be settling in to take the Iowa Assessments. The window for assessments is February 29-March 11. Our format for this year's tests will be similar with students testing Monday, February 29-March 3. The following days will be used for make-ups. More information will follow.

One thing we try to do for our students is to provide snacks during the Assessments. This is made possible through the generous donations of our parents. There will be a sign-up for parents willing to donate items such as Gogurt, bananas, string cheese, and granola bars. We're also offering an incentive for students to be here on all testing days. Students will earn a soda during lunch. We'll be accepting soda donations as well. Stay tuned.

Paper Needed!!!

If you have spare reams of paper lying around the house we would appreciate a replenishment of our supply. We have nearly gone through the entire supply that was brought at the beginning of the year and the more donations we have the less money out of our building budget we need to spend.

Receipts, Receipts, Receipts

This week we wrapped up the first of our Hy-Vee Receipt Challenges between homerooms. The goal was to bring in as many receipts from Cedar Rapids/Marion Hy-Vee and/or Hy-Vee Gas Stations. Ms. Cornell & Ms. Hollingsworth's class did the wonderful job of tabulating receipts. The winning homeroom received a pizza part in thanks to their help.

We will be hosting another challenge later in the spring...stay tuned. As always, we will accept receipts at any time during the school year. Hy-Vee is a wonderful supporter of education as we receive a check every spring that depends on the amount of money collected.

PACT: Future Cities

Big image

Future Cities is a project based class where students design a model of a city that would exist 100 years in the future. This year’s theme is “Waste Not, Want Not.” The students did research and then wrote an essay, built a model, turned in a SIM city power point, and a project plan. The students also wrote and performed an original presentation, including visuals to better explain their model and all of its features. The budget for the model is $100.00 and it is highly encouraged to use recyclable materials. The students began work on their project at the end of October and are now finishing up the class. The students learned a variety of skills including, working with scale, measurement, chemical processes, and other scientific topics. They also learned about the engineering process of coming up with an idea and revising it until it works.

The Franklin Future Cities classes recently held an in-school competition to determine the teams that would make it on to the Regional Competition on January 23rd at Prairie Point Middle School.

The teams that advanced were:

  • Kibou City- Elise Fashimpaur, Priya Kearny, Elizabeth Evans, Julian Martin
  • Chengshi Shenghu- Lydia Mackey, Raafa Elsheikh, Rahma Elsheikh, Lauren Kryzwicki, Layla Eckhardt
  • Bodase- Josh Horne, Braden Hoyer, Marquise Snead, Hugh Duffy, Zelda Siegel
  • New Derinkuyu- Kira DeBrower, Connor Rissi, Quinn Dunn, Yemurai Tavaziva, Olivia Metzger

Other entries included:

  • Noosphere -Sophia Lindwall, Emma Ohrt, Max Lutton , Brody Lovell, Liam Wahe, Grace Niemuth, Garrett Watson, Nic Ryan
  • Katah Jasup - Sophia Jasper, Katie Jensen, Noah Loehr, Chloe Soukup

The competition was held on January 4th in the Franklin Little Theater and the following adults served as judges: Mr. Ptacek, Ms. Ramsay, Ms. Rose, and Ms. Clair. Their help was appreciated very much, especially since the points were so close for all 6 of the entries. The students, advancing or not, all learned a multitude of skills through the process about working together. We invite everyone to Prairie Point on Saturday, January 23rd starting at 9:00 AM to view projects from all over the state of Iowa. It will be a great day for everyone!

Student Presidential Straw Poll

Students will be discussing and comparing the presidential candidates from the two main parties (Democratic and Republican) during the next couple of weeks in their social studies classes. Franklin has been invited to participate in a state-wide Student Presidential Straw poll on Tuesday, January 26. On January 26th, students will then vote in their social studies classes and votes will be tallied and reported back to the state of Iowa. It will be interesting to see who Franklin students are supporting in comparison to other students across the state. It is important for students to understand the civics foundation that Iowa was built upon, so that they will be inspired to take part in civics in their communities in the future. Secretary of State, Paul Pate, is promoting this hands-on activity across the state of Iowa. With the Iowa Caucuses approaching, it is a great time for Franklin families to discuss the various candidates and how they compare. Questions regarding this activity may be directed to Deb Siebenga, Franklin PACT coordinator at

Lost & Found

Our lost and found is growing with some pretty significant and important items that include sweatshirts, coats, hats, gloves, and glasses. Please encourage your child to look in the Attendance Office for any lost or missing items.

Thank you

Concession Help Needed

We try open our concession stand during our sporting events. This is a great way for our PTA to make money. Each event we tend to make over $100. This adds up and provides great support to our students and school. In order for us to run the concession stand we need at least one adult willing to volunteer their time. Without an adult we are unable to have the stand open. Please see the sign up on the link below for the remaining home events. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Girls' Basketball


Friends of Franklin

Want to support Franklin? Check out our page that has information about our Friends of Franklin. We are extremely appreciative for the amount of support that our PTA has provided us. If you've seen our video announcement system in the school it was made partially possible because of the PTA purchasing 4 TVs.

PTA Sign-Ups

Follow the link below to the PTA SignUpGenius page that will take you to all available sign-ups to support upcoming events. This page will be edited throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 19

Girls' Basketball, 7th @ Home, 8th @ Harding

Thursday, January 21

Girls' Basketball, 7th @ Taft, 8th @ Home

Boys' Swimming @ Kennedy

Saturday, January 23

Metro Orchestra Performance @ Paramount Theater

Monday, January 25

Girls' Basketball, 7th @ Home, 8th @ Regis

Wednesday, January 27

Boys' Swimming City Meet @ Linn-Mar

Thursday, January 28

Girls' Basketball, 7th @ IC Southeast, 8th @ Home

Friday, January 29

Kennedy Band Carnival

Franklin Pep Band @ Roughriders Game