Coping with stress

how to cope with stress 101

Time wasters

An example of a time waster is like, watching tv, or playing video games, or even eating are all examples of time wasters. Time wasters are things to do to take your mind off of stress. Sometimes when people want to relieve stress, they do stuff that helps them feel calm and loose and free of all distractions.


causing someone to feel pressurised or scared. Distress puts someone in a big situation and puts them under a lot of stress. Let's say there is a big test and you have to study, but your friends keep asking you to go out and hang with them. That is a very common stress maker.

Mental Rehersal

Mental Rehearsal is like going over something you are not ready for, or have not done yet, but will do in the future. Such as asking someone out. You get all hype and practice what you are going to say in your head and then after you have your mental rehearsal done and over you try and go do what that goal was.

Some Causes Of Stress

Some causes of stress can be like, having homework over a weekend, or having to do a big job that you are not ready to do, and a big one is getting ready to do a test you did not study for, or a pop quiz. Those are some things that stress you out because you were not ready, you were unprepared and that causes a deep feeling of stress.

Things To Help With Stress

Some things that people do to release stress is try to relax, like listen to calm music or take a hot bubble bath, because i know for shur that helps me when i'm stressed out. Another big method is doing something that helps you feel happy. Like for me i ride my scooter, or beatbox. Just do stuff that you feel comfortable doing.