Decaying Municipal Water Pipes

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Water is crucial for the sustenance of life and it is needed for each and everything in life. It is thus the work of municipalities to bring abundant fresh water to the residential area and remove the waste water and sewage effectively. But in Sydney, the municipalities have been providing clear water to the residents from such a long time, that the plumbing system is starting to decay slowly. It is a serious issue not only for the transport of clear water, but can also lead to some serious health problem for the residents and their families.

Aging Pipes

According to the Australian laws, the municipality has to follow strict laws for stringent testing of the water being pumped into the pipes and has to be safe for drinking. So, the water coming into the houses of Sydney is safe and hygienic for dining. But, the water can become contaminated on the way (in the pipes) away from the main treatment plant or at the very destination like your faucet.

In some parts of Sydney, the water pipes, sections date back to as far back as 1820s. Most of the pipes aren’t that old, but some sections are and they can pose a threat. The aging of pipes is certainly bad news because the metal used in the pipes starts corroding and the corroded metal starts getting washed away in the drinking water.


The health risks associated with age pipes are the contamination of water by the bacteria penetrating in the pipes and corrosion. Outdated water points and aged pipes get rusted with the continuous flow of water through them. They make the water discoloured and it has an unpleasant smell. Although not pleasant to look and taste, this water does not pose a major health hazard. But people can suffer from iron-related disorder called hemochromatosis due to rusted water.

But the older pipes had a lead coating and if the lead gets washed into the water, it can lead to serious health problems. Sustained consumption of lead water can cause nervous and digestive disorders.

So, if the homeowners find rusted water in their home, the plumbers or pipefitters should be called to check the source of rust and then call the authorities accordingly.

Protecting Your Family

The first step to be taken by homeowners is to get their water tested to ensure that it is safe and healthy to drink. The testing can be done by purchasing a local testing kit or call the plumbers for a thorough assessment. If contaminated water is found, a filtration system should be installed so that any of the contaminants don’t come in the house through the faucets.

It should be known by the homeowners the risk of decaying and aging municipal water pipes and if they detect such pipes in their plumbing system, they should inform the municipality to get them changed by pipefitters plumbers Sydney. Since, the health of the family is the foremost priority for every person and the water is used in almost every daily activity.