Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411

What'a Happening This Week:

Monday: No School.

Tuesday: No School. Elem. Principal Meeting 10AM.

Wednesday: B Day. Nurse Recognition Day. ALL Staff Action Team Mtg. 3:50-4:15. MVR3 Board Meeting 6PM.

Thursday: C Day. Lighthouse Meeting 7:45AM [Library]. PLC Meetings.

Friday: D Day.

Attendance Matters:

Let's Celebrate. The TV slideshow is up and running, all students have discussed their class and grade levels slides, the winter warm up incentive is underway... WOW we make a great team! :)

Weekly Warm Up Winner

The grade level winners will get their penguins this Monday after the announcements. It will be up to the team of teachers to decide how much you want to build the habitat and show love and attention to the Penguin throughout the week!

K-2 Weekly Winner: 1st Grade - 92.8% Average for the Week!

3-5 Weekly Winner: 5th Grade - 95% Average for the Week!

Kdg - 89.7% Average for the week.

2nd Grade - 92.8% Average for the week.

3rd Grade - 91.8% Average for the week.

4th Grade - 91.6% Average for the week.

All Hands on Deck - On the Radar

I have listed a student(s) in each grade level who is on the radar for below 90% attendance. These students don't just need phone calls home, or their classmates, or their teachers attention... they need the WHOLE ZITZMAN FAMILY. As a staff if we can say hi, give an extra hug, celebrate their attendance - a little help and encouragement across the board could make a BIG DIFFERENCE

K- Destin Taylor

1st- Raylissa Reyes

2nd- Daymein Givens

4th- Aston Taylor

3rd & 5th - :) Buddy up with a grade level and help them encourage student attendance (work this in with writing or free time... write a letter as to why attendance is important or speak in front of another class, what are they habits they use to have good attendance - be contagious let's utilize these leaders!)

PLC Focus for Thursday 1/18:

Positive Pop-In's!!!

Let's view this as our ZE Pinterest Day. There will be a 'Pinterest Board' in the lounge where you can pin ideas or ah-ha moments to that you plan to use or build off of that you saw today.


You can type out a little statement/reflection in your PLC Google Classroom of something you saw or want to try so that we can hold you accountable and check back in to see if you accomplished it in a couple weeks.

You may visit these classrooms:

  • Emily Schmidt- Kdg.
  • Sarah Holycross- 1st
  • Rhonda Lee- 2nd
  • Danielle Mueller- 3rd
  • Stacey Johnson- Elective
  • Meredith Menley- 5th

*Feel free to split up and go alone or stay together and chat/share out afterwards... Make it what you want it... get out of it what you put into it!

There are no "look for's" during these pop-ins just open doors, share experiences/ideas, learn to take risks and be contagious today!

7 Habits Reflection & Time

Blog by: George Couros

The book that I have started with this year is, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” by Stephen R. Covey. I read it several years ago, but it has so many great ideas that seem to be common sense, but Covey wanted to make them everyday practice. Common sense and common practice are not always connected; what we know and what we do not always align.

One of the things that I started thinking about in this book is about the risks we take in our learning and growth. Below is how I see the idea of “risk”:

As I talked about this notion of risk yesterday with a group of teachers, I realized that “risk” is not only in the things that we do but often in the things that we don’t do.

For example, I am trying to focus on my health over the last few months (and onward), and have worked out harder than I have in awhile. I have always gone to the gym, but how I used my time, there was not helpful. I would kind of float around and not break a sweat. Showing up is not enough. But every time I get on that treadmill and push myself, I could fall off, injure myself, or whatever. On the other hand, every time I don’t go to the gym, there are risks associated long-term with my health that I might not see now, but they are there. I might have time to do other things if I don’t go to the gym, but will I do them as well.

“Risk” is not only what you do, but what you avoid to do. They both have outcomes.

This thinking was sparked by Covey’s sharing of the “Time Management Matrix”:

Time Management Matrix

This has helped me to focus on how I spend my time and what it will lead to in the long run. I have seen this used and have been familiar with this matrix for years, but for some reason, it is only making sense to me now. Where individual items go is based on the person looking at the matrix, but what matters to me is that I start sorting those things and focusing more on both where I spend my time, and how I utilize it.

This matters in our classrooms as well. When I am asked, “Why would you change something that works?” My response is that I wouldn’t. If something is working for your students, that is what you want. But does it work for all of your students? Does it really work for the adult more than the learners? Is there a better way? Time is limited in our classrooms and schools, but we have more control of how we use that time than we often give ourselves credit.

Big image
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PBL Project IDEA

Opinion Writing:

The topic of year-round schooling gets complicated pretty quickly. It starts with simple academics (Do year-round students have better test scores?), but then gets into outlying factors like the hassle of finding daycare for parents, the difficulty for high schoolers to get summer work, and even the cost to run air-conditioners over the summer. Students must wade through all of these details as they decide which is better, a year-round school calendar or a traditional one. Here's the link:

Writing on the Wall Feb. 26- March 2

A sneak peak at our Writing on the Wall Week!!

*Community Readers (10-20 mins. of class time)

*Carolynn Mueller is a Missouri Author that has published several books. She is also a zookeeper at the STL Zoo. She is now an author on a new book called: The Missouri Almenac. She will be presenting at our WOW evening event.

*Character Coaches will be teaching parents and guests about the Leader in Me 7 Habits.

*PTO has organized the Food Trucks for our evening event.