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Hello Wayra Friends:

Congrats to SImon Devonshire, Nº5 Ranking in the Power 100!

During this week , on the 20th, we will host at Air Street ( O2 offices) Wayra Finals!

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Barclays: Entrepreneurs are born, not made. Monday, 24 November 2014

Policy-makers today are increasingly looking to entrepreneurs as the drivers of job creation, innovation and economic growth.

In this debate we ask: is entrepreneurial spirit innate or can it be instilled in everyone? And what conditions are necessary to enable UK entrepreneurship to flourish in an increasingly competitive global market?

It’s a familiar stereotype: the born entrepreneur who started a lemonade stall at the age of ten, left school early and is now CEO of a multi-million pound company. As with all stereotypes, there’s more than a grain of truth to it. According to a survey by the School of Technological Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in the US of more than 200 US entrepreneurs, 42% started their first venture in childhood and two-thirds believe they owe their success to traits they were born with: a hunger to succeed, a clear vision of what they want to achieve and a determination that makes them more risk-tolerant and optimistic than most people.

But is this the whole story?

Other evidence from The Kauffman Foundation shows that a high proportion of successful entrepreneurs showed no interest in setting up their own business in their youth. Many would argue that there’s a latent entrepreneur in all of us that only needs the right triggers to come alive. Part of this comes from education - not necessarily formal education, but training in the skills needed to start and run a profitable business. And the important influence of peers is also important: successful entrepreneurs tend to surround themselves with co-founders, advisers and mentors from whom they can learn.

We’ll hear from an engaging panel of speakers including Doug Richard, Founder of School for Startups who will present their own unique perspectives on this topic. We look forward to hearing your thoughts as part of a lively discussion.

The event will round off with a drinks reception and an opportunity to network with attendees and speakers.

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Busuu - Office Space

We would iike to share with you this opportunity,

The details are:

- Central location 5min away from Old Street Station

- Completely new building and office fit-out

- Accesible 24/7 with key card

- Total office size 4500sqf, open plan with full window front (so LOADS of daylight), 4 meeting rooms, 1 large kitchen, sofa/relax area with football table

- Amenities like shower, bike storage

- We are frequently organising knowledge-sharing events with other startups, table-football tournaments etc

- We would rent out up to 15 desks for 400 GBP + VAT each. Includes fully equipped desks, internet, cleaning, usage of all meeting rooms and FREE breakfast, fruits, snacks, drinks!

- Flexible contract with 1 month notice

Please find enclosed a picture of the offices and here you can see more in this video:

Have a great week!

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