Cultural revolution in China

How it Began

1.Mao began to move against him with the help of Zhow Enla

2.a struggle between Mao Zendong and other top party leaders for D O minace of the chinese communist party.

3.Mao zendong that china was moving to far in a revisionist direction

4.Mao organized a group of young people whos goals were to spread the word about Maos plans and those were the red gaurds

who the red gaurds were

1. they were a group of middle school boys

2. they were from bejing

3. Maos support for them led to the name, red gaurds

4. they were soldiers that fought to protect the revolution and Mao Zendong

5. the fought against the democratic society

how it affected the people

1. Mao shut down all the schools

2. the people that graduated were sent to the countryside

3. Mao wanted to brain wash china

4. Mao said the more u read the less intelligent you become

5. The revolution caused chinas economy to collapse

how this could happen today

our president could create a secret group of gaurds to come harras us
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