151-172 Maria Rodriguez April 16th


Nudging again: Starts with Titus having nightmares about someone trying to poke his head with a broom handle. He then quickly talks about some cheap khaki pants and from the idea of the khaki pants he sees people in a riot. In the riot, he describes the people as wearing the khaki pants or jeans, throwing bottles and stones while the police came at them on horses. He says that the American Flag was burning. Later he sees a sign with a picture of a head with a little devil inside the skull, with bolts coming out of its mouth. As he goes into details about the horror occurring he also describes a kid from a different culture. He then is woken up and both him and Violet talk about that occurred while they were sleeping. Violet says she thinks her feed is malfunctioning and calls a help center that does not help whatsoever.

A random commercial with a bible quote used in satire in it comes up.

The Real Thing: The rest of the chapter is spent talking about Coca-Cola and the offer they are making to the kids. Violet gets bullied so they leave and at that point violet tells Titus about her malfunction.

Marxist Viewpoint

  • The difference in the value and importance of money from todays society
  1. "I saw khakis that were really cheap, only $150,"(Anderson 151).
  • How the corporations and advertisements have so much power to the point where they are controlling the thoughts of the kids

Cultural Studies Viewpoint

  • Trends of how fast society changes the idea of what is "New" and in "style"
  1. "It's Riot Gear. It's retro. It's beat up to look like on of the big twentieth- century riots. It's been big since earlier this week"(Anderson 159).
  • How it is wrong to use large words, they are known as weird or stupid
  1. "Oh, sorry. I thought it was good to use stupid, long words that no one can understand"(Anderson 164).

Important Quotes

  • "Well, maybe you shouldn't, you know, show off like that…like the way you do sometimes. Using weird words"(Anderson 167).
  • "But the problem is, if you get the feed after you're fully formed, it doesn't fit as snugly. I mean the feedware"(Anderson 170).
  • "Sometimes feed errors are fatal"(Anderson 170).

Disscusion Question

Anderson may have taken some creative license, but Feed is pretty close to our world today. Give specific examples of how our world is like Anderson's version. (164)(162)

Essential Question

To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self-image, and choice?
The Coca Cola Friendship Machine