New Tech Survival Guide

What you need to know to survive your first year of New Tech

Incoming Freshman

As an incoming freshman you should take ALL of these survival tips into consideration. New Tech is a great school to go to, but it is completely different than the High Schools That Work building. As a freshman you should be open minded, outgoing, and observant. Spend your first week getting to know the building and teachers. You'll love it here.

Trust, respect, responsibility

This is EVERYTHING for New Tech! It is the basis of all of the things we learn. It will be the first thing you learn on the first day of every year at New Tech. Survival tip as as New Tech student is to radiate and enforce trust, respect, and responsibility with everything you do here.

Community Service Hours

In order to graduate with a New Tech seal, you need 100 hours of community service. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR SENIOR YEAR AND RUSH TO GET YOUR HOURS. A good strategy is to complete 25 hours every year, that way you don't have to push yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is New Tech really all projects? YES. 90% of the work you do at New Tech will be in projects. You can have several projects going on at one time. You should always be mindful of the work you have to do in each one, and it can be overwhelming sometimes. A good survival tip is to get an agenda or a planner, that way you won't forget assignments. Because in the end its the little assignments that add up!

Are Echo and Harmony the same thing? No they aren't. Echo is for New Tech only, and harmony is technically both schools. However, the grades usually are not kept up with each other. New Tech teachers update Echo more than they do on harmony. Survival tip, keep up with both for classes in both buildings.

All my friends go to the regular building, what am I supposed to do? Making friends at New Tech really is not hard. Everybody in New Tech is super friendly, so you don’t have to worry about being judged. A good survival tip is to make friends with a diverse group of people, and to not be afraid to make friends. Communicate with other grade levels as well, respect is built by building bonds with every grade.

New Tech Olympics

The New Tech Olympics is a very real thing, and all New Tech students/teacher take it seriously! The New Tech Olympics happen during advisory. Basically there are several games that go on each day and students compete to win for their advisory. The winning advisory with the most points takes the trophy! Survival tip, TAKE THE OLYMPICS SERIOUSLY AND WIN FOR YOUR ADVISORY!

Conference rooms/Work room! If you use any of these rooms, make sure you use them responsibly and keep them how you found them. (CLEAN)