Christmas around the world

Christmas in Germany and Spain

Christmas around the world

Christmas in Germany and Spain is very different from each other which makes it just like home and not always the same in every country. Here's the differences.

Important dates in Germany and Spain

There is a difference in important dates in between Germany and Spain. Important dates in Germany are December 6 and December 21. Important dates in Spain are December 8, December 26, and December 28. This means if you live in Germany and spent Christmas in Spain it would be different then normal Christmas at home.

The night before Christmas in Germany and Spain

They do different things during the night before in Germany than in Spain. In Germany, the night before children place a shoe out before they go to sleep. In Spain they walk though the streets with torches. I wouldn't walk though the streets on Christmas eve in North America, I would stay in and wait in bed for Santa to come.

Gift Bearers in Germany and Spain

A gift bearer is someone like Santa Claus or Father Christmas. The gift bearer in Germany is Saint Nicholas. The gift bearer in Spain is Balthazar (Bal-tha-zar). So its a different in Spain than Germmany.

The day of in Germany and Spain

In Germany on the day of they open presents which is St. Nicholas day/ December 6. Wait, that's the same day as Spain. I guess I found one thing they have in common.

Foods in Germany and Spain

Christmas in Spain have different foods than what they have in Germany. In Spain they have Suckling pig, resibrei, white sausage, and macaroni salad. In Germany they have Turkey stuffed with truffles.

Other traditions in Spain and Germany

In Germany another tradition they do is place a shoe or boot by the fireplace. In Spain they send letters for gifts. This has been what they do in Spain and Germany for Christmas.